Thursday, July 30, 2009

More budget games at the lege...

...Games played by the Republicans to avoid having to go to the Democrats to get votes in committee for their budget.

Latest move: Sen. Pam Gorman (R-Princess) is off of Appropriations and John Huppenthal (R-More Pliable Unless You're An Elderly Democratic Volunteer) is on...

Currently budget bills are moving through Senate Appropriations on party-line votes, with Gould, Hale, and Aguirre (I think) absent.

Update, and a note: After talking to someone down at the lege, it seems that Gorman was replaced because she is now out of town. No such replacement of absent members was offered to the Democrats. In addition, the "Princess" nickname for Gorman was *not* invented by me; it was overheard at the lege from multiple sources, including both elected and unelected folks.

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