Monday, July 06, 2009

Looks like some bipartisan movement is taking place

Update at 3:05 - Waiting for the Senate to reconvene.

According to a couple of Capitol regulars, the Governor was not part of the negotiations regarding the bills dropped today. I don't know what that portends for their "signability" in the event that they are passed, but the fact that the leadership of the two caucuses in the lege are actually speaking to each other is a good omen.

Well, it is at least until they *stop* talking to each other.

Yes, I'm getting more cynical by the minute... :)

End update...

There are some House budget bills already up on their website, sponsored and cosponsored by the leadership of both caucuses...

HB2001 - Ed approps
HB2002 - K-12 Budget reconciliation
HB2003 - Health and welfare, budget reconciliation
HB2004 - Legislative subsistence payments, exception

That last has to do with the lege's per diem payments.

Over in the Senate, similar bills, numbered SB1013 thru SB1016, have been dropped under the names of Bob Burns and Jorge Garcia, the leaders of the two caucuses.

Looks like that they are at least together on continuing resolution-style bills at least.

More later...

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