Monday, July 06, 2009

Live blogging the start of the Special Session in the Senate

1:56 - Heading back to the Senate.

1:55 - Joint session ends. House expected to be back on the floor in an hour.

1:52 - Seel clarifies his position that the vetoes "increase taxes" and "increase spending" over what the lege passed. Isn't straying too far from his Kool-Aid IV (Hey - When Aboud and Tibshraeny called on the *lege* to refrain from name-calling, they didn't mention wiseass bloggers. :)) )

1:49 - The presentation from JLBC is here. That's easier than trying to regurgitate all of the details from the presenter. More here.

1:35 - start of presentation. most members not in the chamber.

1:23 - During the brief Senate session, Jay Tibshraeny and Paula Aboud both stood up to call on the lege and the governor to "work together" and refrain from "mudslinging" and "name-calling."

Given the number and volume of the side conversations on the Senate floor during their speeches, it might be best to keep low expectations in that regard.

1:20 - Over in the House now. Waiting for the joint session to start. The gallery is more than half full; security is visibly higher than normal. Still, they're just looking. So far, everyone is well-behaved, in the gallery and on the floor. The joint session will hear a presentation from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) on the effects of the Governor's veto of the lege's budget.

Considering the meaning of the "L" in "JLBC", is it cynical of me to think this is going to be nothing more than a joint *spin* session?

1:02 - No Burton Cahill, Waring, Gould, Miranda, Landrum Taylor, Cheuvront, Gorman...quorum present

12:58 - Word just came down that after a brief Senate session, they'll be going over to the House for a joint session.

12:55 - The Republican caucus has started trickling in - Paton, Melvin, Sylvia Allen, Steve Pierce...Tibshraeny just poked his head in up in the gallery...

Expectations are that they will have a quorum and after attendance is taken, recess into caucus meetings...

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