Monday, July 06, 2009

Live blogging the Senate session

3:54 - Approps will meet in SHR109, Rules meeting upon adjournment of Approps. Caucuses after Rules.

3:51 - Bills first read and assigned to Approps. Rules suspended re: committee agendas so that bills can be considered today. Rules suspended to allow same day 2nd and 3rd reads (final passage.)

3:50 - Burns here, along with Hale, Nelson and Sylvia Allen. Into order.

3:48 - Mostly interns, pages, and staff on the floor right now, though Senators Carolyn Allen, Linda Gray, Harper, Garcia, and Chuck Gray are wandering around.

1 other person in the gallery...

3:47 - The five-minute bell sounded about 2 minutes ago. Meaning the senate should be in session in about, oh...10 minutes.

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