Monday, July 06, 2009

Live blogging Senate Approps

4:22 - Approps adjourns. Rules next.

4:19 - SB1015, legislative per diem. Limits per diem payment to days that the lege is in session. Passes unanimously. Aboud expresses that she is "happy" to be voting in Appropriations *with* all of her colleagues.

4:16 - SB1014, health and welfare. Protects state eligibility for fed match rate. Bill passes unanimously, though Harper's "aye" was very faint. :)

4:12 - SB1016, K-12 Education reconciliation. Protects fed stimulus money by maintaining base level funding at 2006 levels. Aboud says "it's not a perfect piece of legislation" but supports much of what it does. Bill passes unanimously.

4:09 - SB1013, feed bill for Education. Harper "regrets" that we are increasing our deficit, though he is careful to say this is still a good cause. Bill passes unanimously.

4:08 - called to order. Gorman and Gould out

4:07 - Not started yet...close though

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