Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Senate floor session

1:05 - They win. They've outlasted me. I am out of here. If the state shuts down, don't call me in the morning...

1:03 - HB2222, special license plates, passes.

1:02 - Yahoo! Mail down.

1:00 - HB2207, behavior, analysts. Passes.

12:58 - HB2157, Wildlife, aquatic invasive species. Passes.

12:58 - HB2156, Fire insurance premium tax, report. Passes.

12:56 - HB2049, performance management software. Fails.

12:55 - HB2001, State monuments, repair funds, purposes. Passes.

12:52 - HB2419, Appraisal guidelines, state lands. Passes.

12:50 - McCune-Davis brings up time; Burns says that we are "still in the session day" of June 30. "Real world" time vs. "Senate" time.

12:49 - COW ends.

12:47 - COW for SB1307. Passes COW.

12:46 - Now Rich Crandall is with Pearce.

12:45 - Carl Seel or Laurin Hendrix is sitting with Jack Harper (I can't tell them apart, and that's not a shot at either one. They really do look alike.)

12:41 - John Kavanagh is hanging with his ideological soulmate, Russell Pearce

12:39 - Meg Burton Cahill roundly criticizing Gould (and the Reps) for their conduct and disparagement of Democrats and their motives.

12:38 - Gould calls on Dems to stop being "dilatory" by trying to have input or even enough info to understand the bills that they are voting on.

12:36 - Linda Lopez advised that since it is after midnight (even if the clocks have been turned off), that Burns is in violation of the court order from last week about transmitting budget bills before the end of the fiscal year.

12:35 - End of COW.

12:33 - HB2327, PSPRS omnibus, passes COW after some Gorman floor amendments. No questions allowed; apparently the Senate Republican Whip doesn't like Democrats trying to understand the effects of the language that they are voting on.

12:28 - HB2325, EORP omnibus amendments; passes COW

12:27 - COW, Leff as chair.

12:26 - Gray calls the question. Motion passes.

12:23 - Defeating Hale amendment to protect the use of Impact Aid to reservation school districts

12:20 - Hale bringing up tea parties in support of returning tax revenue generated on reservations to the reservations. DO NOT MENTION TEA PARTIES TO THIS CROWD!! That's like Viagra to the wingers!

12:18 - Call the cops! There is illegal gambling going on in front of the lege! Jerry Weiers and some of his friends are pitching quarters! Closest to the wall win! Oh, the humanity!

12:11 - Defeating Hale amendment to restore Commission on Indian Affairs

12:09 - Steve Pierce tried to silence Meg Burton Cahill. It didn't work.

12:07 - Anybody have a sausage-making video? It's got to be better than this...

12:05 - Defeating Burton-Cahill amendment to help teachers

12:03 - Ed Ableser and David Schapira among the House members who have walked across the quad, Patterson and Deschene here, too.

12:00 - Defeating Rios amendment to restore soft capital reduction to K-12.

12:00 - midnight, and no budget.

11:56 - Defeating Aboud amendment to add $2 million to DES for aging services

11:52 - Defeating Rios amendment to increase DES funding for children's services

11:50 - Defeating Aboud amendment to restore DHS $ for hunger programs.

11:48 - Defeating another Democratic amendment...this is going *very* fast...

11:47 - Pushing toward midnight...

11:45 - Defeating a Landrum Taylor amendment to restore KidCare Parents.

11:44 - Defeating a Landrum Taylor amendment to restore the Indian Affairs Commission.

11:42 - Harper getting snippy over Garcia spending more time with the Governor than him.

11:39 - Doing the bills. Dems offering floor amendments with roll call vote.


Thane Eichenauer said...

All these amendments that are quite unlikely to pass due to a majority of the Senate being unwilling to spend more money than they already have.

Nice but futile effort. It will impress modern day liberal voters but for the rest of the Arizona electorate who have grown tired of government spending beyond its means it won't be earning them any points.

Even though I can probably predict tomorrows Arizona Republic front page, I am still looking forward to seeing it. I feel like I have a cord into the back of my neck that I should be unplugging soon... but not before Thursday.

cpmaz said...

Actually, more than a few would have had no effect on the state's General Fund, but they were proposed by Democrats.

Ergo, every R voted "no."