Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Senate COWIng budget bills...aka the Washington and 19 Railroad

11:38 - COW rises.

11:36 - Lopez amendment to require school districts to offer contracts by April 15. Defeated.

11:34 - Burton Cahill amendment to restore statutory provisions to keep school districts from arbitrarily reducing a teacher's salary, and to give preference to laid off teachers during rehiring time. Defeated.

11:32 - Rios amendment to protect paid days for association activities. Defeated.

11:31 - Jumped the gun again. Lopez expressed her support. Defeated anyway.

11:29 - Rios amendment to restore $175 million soft capital reduction foisted off on school districts. Defeated.

11:27 - Hale amendment to protect school districts on military and Indian reservations. Defeated.

11:27 - SB1480, K-12 Ed

11:26 - SB1477, Higher Ed, no Dem amendments

11:25 - Wow! I have influence! Sen. Burton Cahill used the "political Katrina" line!! Whoo hooo!

11:23 - SB1476, Environment, no Dem amendments. Burton Cahill asking Burns about park closures and the fact that while there is funding for the parks, there is no authorization to use the funds.

11:20 - SB1475, Criminal Justice. No Dem amendments.

11:19 - SB1474, State properties. No Dem amendments offered.

11:18 - McCune-Davis amendment relating to science foundation funding. Defeated. The gallery is packed.

11:18 - Burton-Cahill amendment to protect cities and towns and the lege's ban on development fees. Defeated.

11:16 - Aboud amendment relating to development fees and a uniform development fee commission. Her amendment would put folks from different parties on it. Defeated.

11:16 - SB1473, General Government

11:14 - Hale amendment defeated.

11:13 - Got premature with my post of the 11:11 item. Paula Aboud is expressing her support.

11:11 - Hale amendment to return some reservation-generated tax revenues to the reservations. Defeated.

11:10 - Garcia amendment regarding secondary assessment rates and commercial property assessments. Defeated.

11:08 - Garcia amendment to expand the sales tax base and lower the rate. Defeated.

11:07 - Garcia amendment to allow the return of the state equalization tax. Defeated.

11:06 - SB1472, General Revenues.

11:06 - Lopes amendment to protect child care providers from state fee hikes. Defeated.

11:05 - Aguirre amendment to help counties. Defeated.

11:03 - Aboud amendment to grandfather in current recipients of domestic partner benefits. Defeated.

11:02 - Aboud amendment relating to the removal of domestic partner benefits from state employees. Defeated.

11:01 - Landrum Taylor amendment to restore KidsCare Parents. Defeated.

11:00 - SB1471, Budget trailer - Health and Welfare

11:00 - 10 Democratic amendments offered, 10 Democratic amendments killed.

10:56 - Waring is ready for his next career as conductor. I don't think even Mussolini had the trains running this efficiently.

10:53 - Defeating Burton-Cahill and Garcia amendments.

10:51 - railroading past (defeating) Aguirre and Hale amendments. No debate going on tonight. How appropriate for this farce.

10:50 - Doing amendments to SB1470, general approps. Defeating Aboud amendments


Thane Eichenauer said...

It will be interesting to see how late this continues and how early they begin tomorrow.

They will be working tomorrow won't they?

cpmaz said...

I suppose that depends on how you define "tomorrow."

In the Senate apparently, it's going to remain Tuesday, June 30, 2009 until Bob Burns says different.