Monday, June 29, 2009

Live blogging the Senate floor session #2

6:09 - It looks like Education will be meeting tonight at 7 p.m. And the House will be coming back after dinner, so this looks like a day where I should have brought a cot with me.

6:07 - Burns assigns budget bills to Education Committee.

6:05 - Landrum Taylor talks about constituent concerns about the effects of the looming shutdown. Also laments lack of bipartisanship, and calls this one of the "stranger sessions" that she has ever seen.

6:04 - Waring urges "no more bills until the budget is passed."

6:02 - Leff blames Napolitano, but calls on Rep caucus to support Brewer.

6:02 - Jack Harper calls Napolitano's promotion to a Presidential cabinet post a "miracle." Urges Governor to sign current budget.

6:01 - Aboud's turn. Calls out Republicans for their failed leadership and focus on assessing blame for last year instead of dealing with this year.

6:00 - Rios brings up the fact that the Reps have controlled the lege for decades, and that the Reps are still looking to reduce revenues with tax breaks for Big Business. Gould walks away for a minute. Returns.

5:58 - Meg Burton Cahill rebuts Gould by bringing up the Republican mantra of "tax cuts for special interests."

5:55 - Gould stands up to blame Democrats and Janet Napolitano for the budget mess.

5:53 - Aboud criticizing Reps for not forwarding previously approved budget bills. Also notes that the bills of the compromise are now assigned to Education Committee.

5:47 - SB1395, common school districts, grade nine. Fails again.

5:47 - Gorman moved to reconsider SB1395.

5:46 - Gorman moved to reconsider SB1022, political signs, tampering.

5:44 - Rios criticizing the Reps for pushing the budget to the last possible moment and for not including Democrats in this, and that the Democrats could have taken care of this weeks ago.

5:43 - Vote to reconsider passes.

5:40 - This is a cluster***k. They are now reconsidering the vote on SB1464.

5:38 - McCune-Davis raises point of order about Burns' failure to order that passed bills be transmitted to the Governor. Burns says that the rules don't require that phrasing.

5:32 - SB1464, state budget reports, financial condition. Passes, apparently, though Burns is holding the vote open. Even though there is absolutely no opposition to it, so he isn't trying to gather votes for/against it. Not sure what is going on.

5:28 - SB1395, common school districts, grade nine. Fails.

5:27 - SB1386 - Charter school renewal periods. Passes.

5:26 - SB1289, Vehicle accident reports. Needs 2/3 to enact emergency clause. Gets it.

5:25 - SB1246, CPS information. Passes unanimously.

5:23 - SB1196, education omnibus. Aboud wonders why the budget isn't under consideration. Bill passes.

5:20 - SB1168, guns in parked cars. Passes. Ugh.

5:16 - SB1146, expenditure limitation, penalty waiver, Pima (as in "town of"). Passes 16-11

5:14 - SB1104, assisted living managers; nursing. Passes, wingers opposing.

5:13 - SB1022, relating to political signs and tampering, fails, bipartisan opposition.

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