Monday, June 29, 2009

Live blogging the House floor session

Not sure when it is scheduled to start, but a number of reps are trickling into the chamber. And the 5 (or 10, I'm not sure which) bell just sounded.

Other updates:

House Approps will *not* meet today. This has been confirmed by a member of the committee.

A couple of heavy hitters from the Governor's office were spotted over in the Senate building heading upstairs to a destination unknown. That doesn't seem to have helped - the same source that confirmed the delay in the House Approps meeting also stated that his best guess was that they were going to need a continuing resolution, probably passed tomorrow, to avoid a government shutdown over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

5:03 - Update from a loyal (and active!) reader - the Senate is about to go back into session. Heading over there....

5:01 - SB1459, passes

5:01 SB1449, passes

5:00 SB1326, passes

4:59 - SB1282, passes.

4:58 - SB1281, passes.

4:58 - SB1254, passes. this is going too fast.

4:58 - SB1253, Felony murder, drive by shooting. Passes.

4:57 - SB1243, Defensive display of firearm. Passes.

4:57 - SB1103, Nursing education. Passes.

4:56 - SB1100 - continuation of the Biomedical Research Commission. Passes.

4:55 - SB1047, child safety. Biggs opposes. Passes anyway.

4:50 - COW bills assigned to committees. Enter 2nd COW session. Rep. Boone takes chair.

4:49 - SB1175, performance of abortion, non-physician. Passes. End of COW.

4:48 - SB1123 passes.

4:42 - Lopes still excoriating Antenori's amendment. It still passes.

4:37 - Lopes still grilling Antenori.

4:33 - SB1123, nonpartisan elections in Tucson. Antenori wants to amend it to make sure people understand that this is targeted statewide, not at Tucson. Phil Lopes is calling him out on that. Lopes has a point - the only city affected by this bill, notwithstanding Antenori's amendment, is Tucson.

4:33 - SB1115, animal fighting. Passes.

4:30 - SB1113, Guns in bars and restaurants. Passes. Ugh.

4:29 - SB1106, Domestic violence, child custody. Passes.

4:25 - SB1091, more election laws stuff and BRB stuff. Amended by Tobin on the floor. Seel opposes bill because it requires petition signers to fill out too much info, and that will discourage voters from signing multiple petitions. Passes.

4:25 - SB1088, relating to domestic violence and dating relationships. Passes.

4:24 - SB1074, Amendments to election law passes.

4:22 - SB1059, relating to organized retail theft. Passes COW.

4:22 - SB1015, dispersing unlawful assemblies. Passes.

4:20 - SB1011, relating to sex offenders and probation monitoring. Passes.

4:18 - Gavelled into session. Going into COW session. Warde Nichols taking the chair.

4:16 - Floor session still hasn't started, but security seems to be ramped up a little from the what I have seen during visits earlier in the year.

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