Friday, December 12, 2008

MCDP candidate for Treasurer - Steven Slugocki

Courtesy an email from the Maricopa County Democratic Party -

Dear Fellow Maricopa County Democrats,

My name is Steven Slugocki, and I am asking for your vote to become the next Treasurer of the Maricopa County Democratic Party.

Let me start by saying that my passion in life is politics. Politics effects every part of our lives and helping to make a positive influence on the lives on the people of Maricopa County is my goal. This past election has been a tremendous success for the national party as well as the state party. With the election of Barack Obama to become the next President, we are moving the country forward. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the standing of Democrats in Maricopa County. I grew up in the suburbs of North Phoenix, which have traditionally been heavily Republican. Although lately I have noticed a shifting in attitudes, and I see a real opportunity to make gains. If we do it right and aggressively pursue new sources of fundraising and allocate funds more effectively to target areas we had previously ignored, I see big potential.

We have all had our share of successes and failures in the past, and with the right decisions being made strategically, as well as financially, I believe we can become the majority in this state once again. My previous work being treasurer of my Legislative District 7 committee, as well as treasurer of the county supervisor candidate in District 2, has made me well suited for this position. Because of my experience being the treasurer of both an LD and a county campaign, I can help lead the county party with the right financial decisions that will make us viable in every race throughout the county. Managing the District 3 County Supervisor candidate campaign as well, I have learned that having a broad vision as well as having fiscal accountability are a vital part of this process.

The role of treasurer is crucial in building a winning political organization. The right experience is crucial, and everyday attention to detail is a must. I will not take my responsibilities lightly and will fulfill this position with passion and dedication. We can lead this party into a bright future, but we must make sure that we are financially responsible before anything else. I will assure that all monies are accounted for and will share in the leadership responsibility for the development of a reasonable goal oriented budget.

Please contact me with any questions at {contact MCDP} or {contact MCDP}. Thank you for your time and consideration for this important position.


Steven Slugocki

Political Experience

Treasurer- Legislative District 7 - Current

Treasurer- Joel Sinclair for County Supervisor - 2008 Election

Campaign Chair- Marilyn Fox for County Supervisor - 2008 Election

State Committee Member - Current

Precinct Committee person - Current

Barack Obama Presidential Campaign - August 2007- November 2008

Pederson for Senate Campaign-Volunteer - June 2006 -November 2006

As with the other candidate info posts. this post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement.

See you at Saturday's re-org meeting!

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