Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congratulations to the Maricopa County Democratic Party's new leadership team

On Saturday, an emotional Mark Manoil handed the reins of the MCDP's leadership to a new team for the 2009-2010 election cycle.

The incoming members of the executive committee are Ann Wallack, Chair; Frieda Pollack, 1st Vice Chair; Howard Bell, 2nd Vice Chair; LD17's own Catherine Miller, Treasurer (whoooo hooooo!); Steven Slugocki, Secretary; and Shirley McAllister, Sergeant-at-Arms.

All of the MCDP's new officers bring a wealth of experience, smarts, and energy to the county party during what is shaping up to be an interesting cycle at the county level (there could be a number of vacancies of county seats, necessitating special elections to fill out two year terms). In addition, a number of legislative seats will warrant county party attention as they were won or lost by mere hundreds of votes this time around.

Thanks go out to the outgoing executive team of Mark Manoil, Debra Boehlke, Kit Filbey, Angie Crouse, Dan Mallar, and Aaron Jahneke for their recruitment and support of strong Democratic candidates all over the valley. Longtime (and usually unopposed) Republican officials Fulton Brock, Andy Kunasek, and Max Wilson faced challenging campaigns unlike anything they've ever faced before, but that they will have to get used to.


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