Friday, December 12, 2008

MCDP candidate for 1st Vice Chair - Frieda Pollack

Courtesy an email from the Maricopa County Democratic Party -
Maricopa County Democrats,

I'm Frieda Pollack, and I'm asking for your vote to become the next first vice chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party.

In the past two years we've registered an astounding number of new Democrats. We have seen thousands of new volunteers, inspired by Barack Obama and others, come out to support our candidates. Despite the many successes of Nov. 4 being tempered by some saddening losses, we are in a great position to continue to grow our Party. If we focus on three key areas we can build on this strengthened foundation to elect candidates who will make a positive difference for our communities.

1. Building the bench by electing talented community activists to school boards, city councils and other local offices. From this talent pool, we'll find our future legislators, county supervisors, congressmen and governors.

2. Supporting the grassroots by providing the tools and information that LD organizations, Democratic clubs, PCs and new volunteers need to be effective.

3. Collaborating smarter and more effectively with community groups, unions and political organizations to elect candidates who share our values.With this renewed focus, the possibilities for our Party, our County and our State are endless. I'm asking for your support on Saturday to become first vice chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party. Please contact me if you have any questions at {contact MCDP} or {contact MCDP}.

Thank you,

Frieda Pollack

More of her background from the email -

LD 20 Democrats
Chair, 2007 - 08

State Committee Member, 2005 - present
Second Vice Chair, 2005 - 06

GEMDEMS Board Member, 2007 - 08

Corey Woods for Tempe City Council
Political Advisor/Graphic Designer, 2008 and 2006

Donna Gratehouse for LD20 State Senate
Political Advisor/Graphic Designer, 2006

Democracy for America - Maricopa County (AZ-VOTE)
Board Member, 2004 - 05

Dean for America
Volunteer, 2003 - 04

As with the other candidate posts, this is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement.

More to come...

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