Thursday, December 11, 2008

MCDP candidate for 2nd Vice-Chair - Richard Tracy

From an email from the Maricopa County Democratic Party -


Candidate for Second Vice- Chair, Maricopa County Democrat Party (The position was referred to as Second Vice Chair and Education/training" in 2004)

It's time to create more respect for LIBERAL and LABOR CAUSES IN MARICOPA COUNTY. It is time for Change. I want to help spread the truth and win more local and State elections, Yes we can! By working smarter, countering false information of the insulting talk radio, call attention to poor voting records, failure of officials and legislators to even consider the working man's position or needs.

"OBAMA UNDERSTANDS", That simple statement on the hundred bumper stickers I had made told a story of hope. Each week, former Congressman Sam Coppersmith writes an informative, wise article for the Tribune papers. Why have these liberal slanted messages of those and other Democrats like Frank and Ron Independent Report monthly not been forwarded as they were about twenty years ago.

"Liberals didn't create current problems." This was the caption on my last published letter to the Editor to correct a misstatement in a prior week's edition. "Sheriff's narrow focus on immigration makes his office inefficient and ineffective in many areas of law enforcement." The article which should have been published six weeks earlier was based on my information spread to all Democrat leaders, pointing out waste and corruption in the Sheriff's and County Attorney's operations. Where was the Attorney General during the last Election and what about the County Supervisors? Every other group wants the Sheriff investigated, the Court found abuse of the 80% waiting trial, one over eight years. Did you know many of the forty some judges you were asked to vote to retain? You can bet the large law firms know and keep score!. 90% of civil cases go to arbitration. A Trial even in J.P. Court is rare. Most are won by insurance company fraud, not the injured party as their PR placed articles Maricopa county has among the highest insurance rates.

Does Photo Radar accomplish what is claimed? Cities and drivers are losers with Photo Radar. Venders, like Red Flex got 93% of fines in Phoenix and 73% in Mesa. Insurance companies increased policies and the added State surcharge, 58% went to discretionary fund for prosecutors, 16.25 to ambulance subsidies all the way down to $5.00 for the mortgage on the State Supreme Court Building, But in 2004-05 Phoenix lost $329.000, Tempe $300,000, Mesa $228,000. The State is hoping it is a cash machine to cure their budget deficit, but it is not as effective as a State Trooper to capture the wanted or impaired, to assist those in distress or in danger.

It was the high price of gas, $ 2.30 a gallon less today than a month ago that contributed to the melt down more than the housing bubble, but the press and radio, twelve Fox News that try to lay the blame on the new Congress and policies that were legitimate. In October 2002 President Bush said, "The first time home buyer should not have to settle for lousy houses, they should be able to buy good homes like regular people". Bank regulations were lifted and the Hedge Funds took over. Result interest only mortgages that adjusted after one to three years. Insured by A I G, Lehman Brothers and other big insurers not subject to state regulation. A Republican Congress made that exemption. With in five months Democrats repealed it but the gas prices added unemployment.

Several years ago Janet Bunsen passed out a long list of social issues where Arizona ranked low, only the school issues were discussed as a democrat promise of change.

Richard Tracy, Sr is semi retired. A member of the Ohio, New York and Arizona Bar A law clerk for Chief Justice former Governor and U S Senator Ernest McFarland at the Arizona Supreme Court 70-71 a Phoenix City Court Judge 72-77.A trail attorney, then Retired as an Motor Vehicle Adm. Judge in 93. A member of several Rules Committees including Former State Senator later Justice Sandra O'Conner 1974 Joint Committee On Court Reform.

CIVIC INTERESTS. Advancing Liberal and Labor Causes. A life long Democrat active in Ohio and Arizona, Founder and VP Democrat Club. County Executive Board. Prescient Committeeman, in both states about 40 years,LD 21 now, former 25 NE Phx., State Committee man off, member of various committees and Caucus'. Chairmen and spokesmen(8yrs) and Founding member Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council, Western Saddle Club Pres. & Bd, Arizona Horesmans Assoc.Bd. PTA President and Ohio House Council of Education Reform. Delegate and drafter of Charters, by-laws, Statutes etc. and often appeared at hearings before Councils and Legislatures. Member of Sierra Club, Transportation Committee, Alliance for Retired Americans, Progressive Democrats, Former 20 yr plus member of Nucleus Club

As with the other candidate information posts, this is informational only and does not constitute an endorsement.

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