Thursday, December 11, 2008

MCDP candidate for 2nd Vice Chair - Randall Holmes

Courtesy an email from the Maricopa County Democratic Party -

"The most important job I ever held was that of precinct committeeman." - President Harry S Truman

Fellow Democrats,

This Saturday, December 13, we'll elect a new slate of officers of the Maricopa County Democratic Party. I'm asking for your consideration, your support, and your vote for Second Vice Chair.

I've been at most of the MCDP Executive Committee meetings (representing the Election Integrity Committee) over the last four years. With your help, I'll get to vote!

I'm constantly learning new things - and being reminded of things I've forgotten - and many of you have been my mentors.

My greatest joy has been to get to know the various players, and introduce you to one another. Things get a little tense now and then, often because of missteps and misunderstandings by good people who don't know each other very well.

At the State Committee level, besides working with the ADP Election Integrity Committee, I'm a member of the Progressive Caucus, and have recently joined the Hispanic Caucus. Este Partido necesita platicar en Espanol! I'll join all the caucuses eventually.

While we made some progress this cycle, we can always find ways to improve - in the operation of our Party organization, as well as in achieving our ultimate goal - electing Democrats to public office.

I'm told that Maricopa County is the fifth-most populous county in the country, and represents some 58% of the statewide vote. We need and deserve a Maricopa County Democratic Party organization that's ready for the big leagues.

While we love, respect and support our colleagues from the other fourteen counties, as well as our Arizona Democratic Party officers and staff, I propose that we begin to take more ownership and responsibility for our future.

We can take some of the burden off the state party by taking a more active role in our legislative races. In order to win the statewide races coming up in 2010, we need to turn out our voters in ALL legislative distrincts - not just the ones our consultants think we can win - or can't lose.

We can raise money from new donors, and we can mobilize our grassroots by utilizing the Joe Trippi/Howard Dean/Barack Obama web-based model. Our existing donors, who are so helpful to the state party, need to see that their county party has a product - a service - they can and should invest in.

As Democracy For America (DFA - formerly Dean For America) was formed after the 2004 campaign to preserve the grassroots organization of the Dean campaign, we need to capture the first-time activists who turned out for Barack Obama, and keep them engaged in the Obama/Democratic Party project of bringing change.

They can help recruit, train and elect the Obamas of tomorrow. Some of them will BE the Obamas of tomorrow! In 2010, we should be running candidates for all races on the ballot - from school boards to governor.

To do this, we need everybody - well-groomed candidates, experienced organizers, talented fund-raisers, and empowered door-knocking PCs with their toes in the grass roots.

Our MCDP Standing Committees need members willing to work. We created these committees, each with a vital mission. I'd especially like to help the Organization and Party Building Committee with PC Recruitment and Training.

The Democratic Party is a funny beast - a coalition of subcultures, factions, interest groups and cliques. Some think of it as a social club, some think of it as a stepping-stone to power, and a few think of it as some kind of religious sect.

Some think the party should be a top-down hierarchy, ruled by the wise ones who know best, and bring in the money. Most of us think the Democratic Party should be Democratic (or change its name), and the PCs who talk to actual Voters might have a little wisdom to offer.I think we'd all agree that our goal is to make all the parts work together as a well-oiled political machine, able to elect Democrats to public office.

Things will be a little tense for a bit. While we achieved great success at the federal level this cycle, folks are a little disappointed with our showing in state and county races. While they look around for who's to blame, Mr. Kumbayah will have his hands full.


Randall Holmes
Arizona Democratic Party State Committee
Arizona Democratic Party Election Integrity Committees - founding member
Maricopa County Democratic Party Bylaws Committee
Arizona Citizens for Election Reform (ACER) Vice Chair

Arizona Advocacy Network (USAction) Board Member
Democracy For America - Maricopa County

Again, this post is for informational purposes only and does not imply an endorsement.

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