Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Open invitation to Scottsdale candidates

Earlier today, I sent an email all of the official candidates for office in Scottsdale's elections this fall. In it, I invited each of them to send a brief statement (500 words or so) on their respective candidacies to be published here.

I'll publish those statements without editing or comments, with a couple of basic exceptions, which seem to be obvious ones, but need to be stated up front anyway -

1. No profanity (OK, that probably won't be a problem with this pool of candidates :) ).

2. The statement should be a positive one and not a personal attack on one or another candidate, i.e. - "this is why I'm the best choice for Scottsdale" not "So-and-so is a jerk."

In addition, while this is a good opportunity for candidates to get their messages out in a low-cost way, no criticisms will be directed at those candidates who choose not to submit a statement.

In fairness to everyone, I'm also asking that any commenters in this thread of posts follow the same guidelines.

Anyway, I've received the first statement already, so that will be going up in my next post.


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