Monday, July 07, 2008

Compliments, and pressure...

Last week was a good week in the 'ego' department...

First, I open up the June 27th issue of the Arizona Capitol Times, and there, featured in the Cap Times' "Best of the Blogs" section - The John Sydney McCain Memorial Crappie Award from June 23, wherein I "chided" (the Cap Times' word) a laundry list of Republicans for criticizing the Arizona Democratic Party for sending an observing to a couple of the Reps' public events when they have done the same thing (oh, and I had a picture to prove it :) ).

At first, I thought the mention might have been a response to some criticism that I had directed at the Cap Times for overt partisanship on June 6th, but then I realized that either way, that they were responding to the criticism or that they thought the Crappie Award post merited wider notice, it meant that an MSM outlet was paying attention.

Yup, definitely an ego boost there, one that alone would have made for a good week, but there was more to come.

On Friday, Pico at Wild Chihuahuas posted an incredibly complimentary piece about yours truly; after reading it, I had to go bathe my head in icewater to reduce the swelling.

Of course, the fact that it was 110+ had *nothing* to do with the decision to do so. :))

I've realized that a compliment from a fellow blogger, someone who is doing the same thing, plugging away steadily in relative obscurity, doing their part to knock down the wall of insanity that is Arizona politics, is much more meaningful.

That's not a knock at the Cap Times (whatever the motivation, their notice is a compliment that I'm grateful for), but when a thoughtful colleague takes the time from their own efforts for a tip o' the hat to mine, well, that's a special compliment, and a humbling one too.

Not least because now I have to live up to the praise for a while! :))


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