Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More sigs and registration numbers

Time to update last week's post on signatures; specifically, on candidates in the Mesa/Tempe/Scottsdale area who have turned in their petitions.

LD8 State Senate - no change (no sigs filed yet)

LD17 State Senate -

Meg Burton-Cahill (D), incumbent - 632 sigs filed, 253 required. Running as a Clean Elections candidate. Filed May 28, 2008.

LD18 State Senate -

Russell Pearce (R) - 733 sigs, 245 required. Clean Elections. Filed May 28, 2008.

LD8 State Representative - no changes.

LD17 State Representative - no changes.

LD18 State Representative - no changes.

As for statewide office, within the last week, the following candidates filed sigs for their runs for Corporation Commission -

John Allen (R) - 6145 sigs, 5184 required. Clean Elections. Filed May 23, 2008.

Bob Robson (R) - 7576 sigs, 5184 required. Traditional financing. Filed May 28, 2008.

In Scottsdale sig news, the EV Tribune has the story of Jim Lane's filing. He's currently a member of the City Council and is a candidate for mayor.

On the voter registration figures front, according to the Maricopa County Recorder's website...

...In District 17, the Democrats have extended their registration advantage over the Reps to 1584 (24,281 - 26405). That up from the advantage of 771 in March, based on the March figures from the AZ Secretary of State's office.

...In LD8, the Republican registration advantage was closed slightly (by 70 voters) to 27,020 (53,430 - 26,418).

...In LD18, the margin favors the Republicans by 9198 (24,917 - 15,719). That's an advantage of 14.5%. According to the March SOS figures, the gap was 9585 (24,437 - 14,852).

My March post on voter reg figures is here; take the comparisons in this one with a grain of salt - the AZ SOS and Maricopa County Recorder usually have slightly different figures, so this isn't a perfect, "apples to apples" comparison. It's close enough for blogging, though. :)

And on the other hand, their numbers usually aren't that far off from each other's either. :))

I'll do an update on sigs next week after the deadline for turning in petitions (Wednesday, June 4), but I won't anything on registration numbers until early August, which is when early voting starts for the September primary election.


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