Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank you, Governor Napolitano

Early today, in a display of fiscal sanity unseen at the legislature, Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed HB2220, the bill to permanently repeal the state equalization tax, a dedicated source of revenue for education. Such a repeal would have eliminated $250 million in education funding.

From her veto letter -
Permanently repealing a tax that supports such basic needs as schools and education during a time of severe bdgetary deficits would be the height of fiscal irresponsibility.

Now if only she could write a letter to force the legislative leadership of Jim Weiers, Tim Bee, and the other Republicans to stop their ideological posturing and actually address the state's budget deficit.

Alas, she is only an elected official, not a miracle worker.

Miracles? For those to happen, voters will have to elect legislators who are more interested in representing their constituents than they are in representing special interests and party-line ideology.

AZ Republic coverage of the veto here.

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Phoenix Blogger said...

Remember, Ken Cheuvront is the reason this bill landed on the governor's desk at all. Not for any reasons related to principle or even politics, just pure spite on his part toward the rest of the Democratic caucus.