Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contact info for Scottsdale candidates

Per a request from a comment Joe left on my previous post about tonight's Scottsdale candidate forums, here is the contact number for each campaign from their organizational paperwork filed with the city (Joe did ask for the info for the 'good' candidates, but this is Scottsdale after all - to many voters, 'good' seems to mean 'least bad.' If a candidate changed his/her name to "None Of The Above", they'd win in a landslide :) ) -

Council Candidates

Lisa Borowsky - 480.991.3656

Joel Bramoweth - 480.946.6949

Betty Drake - 480.998.1305

Suzanne Klapp - 480.767.9660

Ron McCullagh - 480.990.9200

Richard Mueller - 480.280.1357

Nan Nesvig - 480.368.8701

Note - I've tried to contact Mr. Mueller in the past, as has an EV Trib reporter. There was no response.

Candidates for Mayor

Jim Lane - 480.483.0819

Mary Manross - 480.948.9120

John Washington - 480.229.1831.

I've linked to a candidate's website when I could locate one; the fact that I've done so is not an indication of an endorsement. If any candidate or supporter has a link to a campaign website, email the link to me at cpmaz[at], and I'll be happy to add the link.


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