Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Elections Update - New Candidates

Edit to add info on LD18 candidate Joe Brown below...

Scottsdale update (info courtesy the Scottsdale City Clerk's elections webpage) -

In news that should surprise no one who follows the goings-on in Scottsdale, Tom Giller, the driving force behind Height and Density, the anti-Hanover Project political committee, has filed candidate committee paperwork with the Scottsdale City Clerk's office.

I think he is seeking a seat on the City Council; while his paperwork doesn't specify, this EV Trib article written by Brian Powell states that he is.

His campaign committee's contact number is 480.947.3654.

Also filing paperwork for a Council run is Oren Davis, a pro-development Scottsdale businessman.

From the same Trib article -

Davis, 54, said he was encouraged by Councilman Jim Lane - who is challenging Mayor Mary Manross in September for the city's top post - and Paul Messinger to run for council.

"I am pro-growth but would also like to maintain the character of Scottsdale," Davis said.

Davis also said he'd like to see more transparency in government and more communication between developers and residents with hopes of avoiding another issue like Hanover.

That quote is the sum total of my knowledge of Mr. Davis. :))

His campaign's contact number is 602.295.3783.

LD17 Update (note: all LD candidate info courtesy the AZ Secretary of State's campaign finance report webpage) -

State Senator Meg Burton-Cahill has a Republican challenger in Jesse Hernandez of Tempe, who filed his paperwork on April 15, 2008. He is running as a Clean Elections candidate. He's a business owner and long-time Republican. (brief bio here)

LD18 Update -

Another candidate has jumped into the LD18 State Rep fray. Joe Brown, running as an Independent, turned in organizational paperwork on April 18, 2008. He running as a Clean Elections candidate. With that name, I'm not even bothering with a Google search and I don't have any familiarity with the Mesa political scene (other than knowing that Democrats Tammie Pursley and Judah Nativio are running for LD18 House and Senate, respectively.)

Edit on 4/30 to update, with info courtesy Judah Nativio, Democratic candidate for the Senate seat in LD18 -

Mr. Brown is a conservative Republican who ran against Karen Johnson for the LD18 Senate seat in 2006; he lost in the primary, garnering slightly more than 25% of the votes cast. Apparently, he changed his registration sometime after that.

End edit.

No changes in LD8, except that a Libertarian, Robert Weber, has formed a committee to take on the electoral buzzsaw known as State Senator Carolyn Allen.

I'd wish him good luck with that, but there's a reason that Sen. Allen has become an "electoral buzzsaw" - she has earned the respect of people from all over the political spectrum because of her dedication and skill as a public servant (even if she *is* an Arizona Republican. Apparently, she doesn't drink the Kool-Aid. :) ).

Unless a Democrat steps up, this one's already over...


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