Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Democratic Convention Hotel Assignments announced

The Democratic Party has announced the hotel assignments for the various state delegations to nexts year's National Convention in Denver.

The 76 delegates from Arizona will be joining the Oregon delegation in the Hyatt Regency Tech Center Denver. It's located approximately 12 - 15 miles from the convention site at the Pepsi Center (downtown Denver). While that's not a prime location, because the trip downtown is mostly a straight shot on I-25, it's only a 15 - 20 minute drive.

Of course, I'll be applying for press credentials as a blogger. If those come through, I'll be staying 2 miles from the Pepsi Center at my sister's house, and will be able to walk to the convention in 20 minutes or so. :))

The most interesting part of the hotel assignments? Florida's delegation didn't get one.

As of right now, Florida has been stripped of its delegates because it moved the date of its primary to one earlier than allowed by the Democratic National Committee.

Expect some drama and angst over this, leading up to the request by the eventual nominee that the Florida delegation be seated at the convention.

Where they'll stay until then is anybody's guess.

Denver Post coverage here.

The complete list of hotel assignments is here.

Thanks to the Burnt Orange Report in Texas for the heads-up on this story. (Texas isn't entirely happy with their hotel assignment, approximately 10 miles from the convention site - apparently they don't like Aurora. :) )


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