Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things to keep in mind on Black Friday...

and during the rest of the Christmas shopping season...

I figured it's the right time for a "PSA" post. Of course, the fact that ASU is down 27 in the 2nd half and fading fast has nothing to do with the timing. :)

With the onset of the holiday shopping season, it's also time to pay attention to recalls of toys and other items.

Some items to be aware of (courtesy press releases and other sources) -

Boppy Slipcovers, manufactured in China, imported by The Boppy Company, Golden, CO. Lead contamination and choking hazard.

Children's metal necklaces and bracelets, manufactured in China, imported by Colossal Jewelry & Accessories Inc., of Maywood, NJ. Lead contamination.

Flashing Pacifiers or 2-in-1 Flashing Pacifiers withWhistle Necklaces, manufactured in China, imported by Sailing (U.S.) International Corp., Hackensack,NJ. Choking hazard.

Decorative Stretchable Aqua Bracelets, manufactured in China, imported by Cherrydale Fundraising, Allentown, PA. Lead contamination.

Sparkle City Charm Bracelets and Tack Pin Sets, manufactured in China, imported by Buy-Rite Designs Inc., Freehold, NJ. Lead contamination.

Shaving Paint Brushes, manufactured in China, imported by Discount School Supply, Monterey, CA. Lead contamination.

Crystal Innovations jewelry, manufactured in China, imported by Pure Allure, Oceanside, CA. Lead contamination. Note: full list of affected products at the link.

La Femme NY Children's Necklace and Earring Sets, manufactured in China, imported by La Femme NY 2 Inc., Brooklyn, NY. Lead contamination.

Rachel Rose and Distinctly Basics Assorted Children's Jewelry, manufactured in China, imported and sold by Family Dollar Stores. Lead contamination.

Children's Pencil Pouches, manufactured in China, imported by Raymond Geddes & Co., Baltimore, MD. Lead contamination. Sold in schools nationwide for over 10 years.

Baja ATVs, manufactured and sold by Baja Motorsports, Phoenix, AZ. Injury hazard to riders.

Snow and Sand Castle Kits, manufactured by Paricon Inc., South Paris, ME. Injury hazard to children.

The above press releases were from the Consumer Products Safety Commission; however, before anyone starts thinking that the Nancy Nord-led CPSC has started doing its job, it should be noted that most of the press releases contain the following line -
Note: The New York Attorney General provided information about oneof these products to the Commission.

Some news coverage of other recent recalls -

KPIX-TV (yes, they have recalls in Israel)

Consumer Reports' list of unsafe products

WATCH's 2007 list of worst toys

The CPSC's toy recall list; non-toy Infant and Children's products recall list

Or, instead of worrying about which toys are more likely to kill the recipient than make him/her happy, try this:

AdBusters' Buy Nothing Day website here, courtesy Daniel's News and Views

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