Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short Attention Span Musing

...Bush pardons two turkeys not named Cheney or Rove...

From AP -

Bush granted his yearly pardon to the national Thanksgiving turkey, named "May," and a backup turkey who went unseen, who goes by "Flower."

The names were chosen in an online poll that drew more than 28,000 votes. It was close; people also liked "Wish and Bone," and "Wing and Prayer."
Hmmm...wonder if the names "Cheney and Rove" were among the available options in the online poll? Maybe next year, the DNC can sponsor its own online poll of possible names for the soon-to-be pardoned turkeys. :))

The article goes on the describe how the pardoned turkeys will be further feted with honorary law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and will spend the rest of their lives living in comfort on a well-known ranch in south Texas.

(OK, I made that part up; the turkeys are supposed to go to DisneyWorld to participate in the Thanksgiving parade there.)

...However, while two pardons were issued yesterday, one that had been scheduled to be issued next year may have been ripped up.

From Reuters -

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan says in an upcoming book that he was misled by President George W. Bush and other high officials into misinforming the press about a CIA leak case that fueled debate about the Iraq war.

McClellan says he publicly exonerated former top White House aides Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby because Bush had called on him to help restore his credibility after the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

On the other hand, Bush may include McClellan in his expected general pardon of the officials of his Administration if McClellan joins Dick Cheney in hunting the pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys on the Armstrong Ranch.


...Bush threatens to retaliate against civilians if Congress doesn't give him unconditional and unfettered war funding...

From USA Today -

The Bush administration pressed Democrats in Congress on Tuesday to provide billions in new funding for the war in Iraq or risk the jobs and well-being of military families.

The threats ranged from furloughing tens of thousands of civilian workers to closing child care centers and counseling services at Army bases.

No wiseass-ery here; the brazeness of the President's priorities (oil and death over families and children) is too shameful.

...And in case you thought that Bush is honorable and just wants the money to "support the troops," check out Tedski's post at R-Cubed on the Bush-led Pentagon's policy of withholding enlistment bonuses from servicemembers who are unable to complete their term of enlistment due to injuries sustained in combat.

...Earlier this week, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the sites of the four general election debates (1 vice-presidential, 3 presidential) next year.

Of the four main and two backup sites, none are farther west than St. Louis, Missouri. I was all fired up and ready to criticize the CPD for their contempt for the western half of the country, until a little research showed that of the 16 sites that applied to host a debate, only two of the locations were any farther west than the Missouri site. Both of those were located in the state of Washington.

Where's the love, both *for* the West, and *from* the West? In spite of population trends (shifting from northeast to southwest), our concerns will continue to be ignored in DC until we show that we are involved and active.

Well, at least the conventions will be held in the West - Denver for the Democrats, Minneapolis for the Republicans. Otherwise, during the campaign next year, the West won't get much love from the presidential campaigns. The big prizes, Texas and California, are already assumed to be locks for the Republicans and Democrats respectively.

Any campaigning here will be of the 'drive-by and wave' variety.

Locally, Arizona's most unpardonable turkey will be on display at the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Fountain Hills.

From (emphasis mine) -
Major plans are brewing in Fountain Hills for the only known Thanksgiving Day Parade in Arizona.

Thursday's annual spectacle "is one of the bigger parades" planned in Fountain Hills, said Sharon Morgan, events producer for the town's Chamber of Commerce.


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who lives in Fountain Hills, will make his usual appearance, along with Fort McDowell Tribal Council President Raphael Bear, Morgan said.

C'mon - any time one can cleanly mix an Arpaio reference with a turkey reference, one must. It's a Law of Nature or something. :))

Note: Congressman Harry Mitchell will serve as the Grand Marshal of the parade. It starts at 9:00 a.m. at Saguaro and El Lago boulevards in Fountain Hills.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all, even Republicans*!

*Unless those Republicans are also Yankees fans. :))

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