Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oops, and it's my oops this time...

but I'm not the only one who made the same oops.

A couple of weeks ago, I (and a few other AZ bloggers) did a post about the Congressional quarterly fundraising reports filed with the FEC.

One of the things that we all concluded, based on the reports that we examined, was that while Rick Renzi, the ethically-challenged Republican in CD1 was down to approximately $20,000 cash on hand and wasn't fundraising, he was still way ahead of any Democratic challengers.

Turns out that was an error.

While most of us just use the "View / Download Electronic Filings: " link to find AZ candidates' financial reports, not all of them are actually listed there.

Today, I went through the "View Images of All Financial Reports: " link, and actually found some reports that weren't covered in the earlier post. And they still aren't available at the other link.

From CD1, as of June 30th -

Howard Shanker, Democrat - $47,251 raised, $26141.04 on hand. (PDF)

Mary Kim Titla, Democrat - $4,606.01 raised, $2,575 on hand. (PDF)

Allen Affeldt, Democrat - Terminated committee

Nothing else that I could find in this district, here in CD5, or in CD8, though I easily could have missed some since users can only search by name, not district or even state. I know that Ann Kirkpatrick has announced in CD1, but there's nothing on the FEC's website as yet.

It's still early, and we should expect many more names from both parties to float out of CD1, as well as seeing Republican names mentioned in CD5 and CD8.


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