Monday, July 16, 2007

Quarterly numbers, anyone?

The FEC has posted candidates' quarterly financial reports online.

Summary of interesting stuff for Arizona's Congressfolk and would-be Congressfolk -

Ed Pastor of CD4 has the most cash on hand, at $1,185,109.24 but in a bit of a surprise, freshman Gabrielle Giffords of CD8 is second with a whopping $941,489.64.

Whoever the Reps throw against her next year will have a steep uphill fight.

In terms of fundraising, the two freshman Democrats in Congress, Giffords and Harry Mitchell of CD5, led the way raising $580,637.32 and $354,638.52 respectively.

Coming in 3rd, however, playing catch-up to (and surpassing) the surprising fundraising totals of challenger Bob Lord from last quarter's reports, Republican John Shadegg of CD3 raised $311,532. He now has a lead in cash on hand over Lord by approximately $50K.

Leading the state's Congressional delegation in the 'seriously scuffling' category is Republican Rick Renzi of CD1.

He's down to $20,418.16 cash on hand after raising just over $40k during the quarter.

The best part of the numbers? He paid out $25,000 in legal fees, and owes over $100K more.

And speaking of a (former) Congressman with legal issues, here are JD Hayworth's numbers:

Cash on hand: $23,134.64 (that's good news)

Raised: $0 (that's better news)

Spent: $107,879.42, with nearly $100K of that in legal fees. (that's *great* news :) )


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