Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BRB - Health and Welfare

HB2789 - Health and Welfare Budget Reconciliation

Bad –

In a curious move, the BRB removes language that defines a 'small' business (“...employed two but not more than twenty-five persons...”) and replaces it with a definition of an 'uninsured small' business (“...a small employer that did not provide a health benefits plan for at least six consecutive months...”).

Potentially very ugly -

The bill includes the following language regarding autism services:

1. An established firm that specializes in autism services and related disorders and that employs at least five nationally board certified behavior analysts, one of whom is a state-licensed psychologist. The contract shall be for services that are for children who begin treatment before they reach five years of age and that utilize techniques of discrete trial and natural environment intensive behavioral treatment through applied behavioral analysis.

2. An autism and research firm that is based in this state and that has raised at least fifteen million dollars of private sector monies. The contract shall be for providing toddlers with autism services that utilize intensive early intervention.

Now that's how you put in language favoring specific companies! :))

Good -

The BRB removes a 'gag' rule that prevented schools from advising possibly eligible residents of the existence of programs such as AHCCCS.

Not sure -

There were a couple of sections, such as those relating insurer data reporting requirements, that caused my eyes to glaze over. I have no idea if these sections are bad or good. I couldn't stay awake long enough for the meaning of the words to reach my brain. :)

Perhaps another blogger, one that is used to reading densely written legalese (are you reading this Michael of Blog for Arizona? LOL), could take the time to go through some of the sections to see if there is anything particularly repugnant hidden in them.

More coming...

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