Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It passed...

The House has passed HB2781, the general appropriations bill for 2007-2008, by a vote of 38 - 21.

Every 'no' vote was by a Republican, and it seemed like each and every one of them stood and bemoaned that the budget

A. did not cut taxes enough.
B. did not adequately increase enforcement activity against illegal immigrants.
C. dd not reflect proper Republican 'values.'
D. treated the House itself disrespectfully.

There were variations in the words used, but not the overall theme.

One thing that I found curious was the way that some Republican members didn't understand the utter hypocrisy of whining about a budget process that didn't "include" them enough while lauding the *Republican* budget originally floated by the House leadership.

As usual for them, Democrats need not apply.

Consideration of the various BRBs and other budget-related bills is ongoing. Passage of all of the bills is expected.

More on this later...

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