Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where's John Shadegg?

In the many articles and blog posts regarding the water contamination problems in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, many people have been quoted, from spokespeople for the various agencies and companies involved, affected residents, and even elected officials.

Congressman Harry Mitchell (D-AZ5) has gone so far as to directly contact senior EPA officials to express his concerns with the repeated problems this particular treatement facility (MRTF).

There's a limit to what a Congressman can do here, directly anyway, but what he can do is bring to bear a level of pressure and scrutiny that a member of the general public cannot.

And two Congressmen? Twice as much pressure and scrutiny.

So why hasn't John Shadegg (R-AZ3) brought his influence to bear?

I'm sure some readers are asking "Why should Shadegg get involved? It's Mitchell's district."

Well, that's only partially true. A number of the affected customers are in Scottsdale, and that *is* in Mitchell's district.

However, the bulk of the folks who can't drink their tap water are in Paradise Valley, which is in Shadegg's district.

See the southeastern portion of this district map of Shadegg's CD3, courtesy the Maricopa County Recorder's Office.

So I ask again - Where's John Shadegg?

I know Shadegg markets himself as a "laissez-faire, Reagan-style" Republican, but who knew that "laissez-faire" was French for "let them drink poison"??

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