Saturday, January 17, 2015

Governor Doug Ducey: pro-education...until the rubber hits the road

Many folks are weighing in on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's FY2016 budget proposal.  They are using a lot of words.

Tonight, I believe in the old saying about pictures being worth a thousand words.  :)

Ducey's steps to the budget proposal, illustrated (source documents here):

1. Proclaim the awesome things that you are doing for K-12 public education -

2. Contradict yourself.

Ducey claims that he wants to allocate nearly $160 million dollars more to K-12 education but tries to gloss over the fact that in his proposal, most of the funds come from...wait for it...K-12 education.

And at that, even the putative increase to education spending seems to be predicated on the state obeying a court that ruled that the state must allocate more for spending.  They (the governor and the lege) have been fighting the ruling.  If the judge backs down, expect the funding to disappear.

But not the cuts.

3. Screw over higher ed, expecting the Arizona Board of Regents to make up the lost funding with tuition increases.

The hypocrisy here is that he spent most of his gubernatorial campaign blaming his opponent, former Regent chair Fred Duval, for tuition increases necessitated by previous cuts to higher ed funding.

4.  Make sure your pals in the private prison industry are taken care of.

Even if it is at the expense of the state's education system.

Other information -

This next one is just wishful thinking (aka - fairy tale math).  It also looks like an easy way for the Ducey admin to give out a lucrative contract to some FOD* with little to no oversight -

* = "Friend of Dougie"

Doug Ducey, less "pro-education" and more "pro-incarceration"

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Thane Eichenauer said...

There is plenty of incarceration housing available in Arizona if the government and We The People are intent on only jailing and imprisoning crimes that exclude drug crimes. Here's to hoping that there is more discussion of this topic in the next year.