Saturday, November 15, 2014

2015 Arizona Legislature leadership and committee chairs

In the Arizona House of Representatives -

Democratic leadership:

Rep. Eric Meyer, Minority Leader
Rep. Bruce Wheeler, Assistant Minority Leader
Rep. Rebecca Rios, Minority Whip

Republican leadership:

Rep. David Gowan, Speaker
Rep. Steve Montenegro, Majority Leader
Rep. David Livingston, Majority Whip
Rep. Bob Robson, Speaker Pro-Tempore

Committee chairs (because the Rs are the majority in the House, all committee chairs are Republicans):

Agriculture, Water and Lands – Representative Brenda Barton, LD-6
Appropriations – Representative Justin Olson, LD-25
Banking and Financial Services – Representative Kate Brophy McGee, LD-28
Children and Family Affairs – Representative John Allen, LD-15
Commerce – Representative Warren Petersen, LD-12
County and Municipal Affairs – Representative Doug Coleman, LD-16
Education – Representative Paul Boyer, LD-20
Elections – Representative Michelle Ugenti, LD-23
Energy, Environment and Natural Resources – Representative Frank Pratt, LD-8
Federalism and States' Rights – Representative Kelly Townsend, LD-16
Government and Higher Education – Representative Bob Thorpe, LD-6
Health – Representative Heather Carter, LD-15
Insurance – Representative Karen Fann, LD-1
Judiciary – Representative Eddie Farnsworth, LD-12
Military Affairs and Public Safety – Representative Sonny Borrelli, LD-5
Rules – Representative David Stevens, LD-14
Rural and Economic Development – Representative T.J. Shope, LD-8
Transportation and Infrastructure – Representative Rick Gray, LD-21
Ways and Means – Representative Darin Mitchell, LD-13

In the Arizona State Senate -

Democratic Leadership:

Sen. Katie Hobbs, Minority Leader
Sen. Steve Farley, Minority Whip
Sen.-elect Lupe Contreras, Minority Co-Whip
Sen.-elect Martin Quezada, Minority Co-Whip
Sen. David Bradley, Minority Leader Pro-Tem
Sen. Barbara McGuire, Rural Liaison

Republican Leadership:

Sen. Andy Biggs, Senate President
Sen. Steve Yarbrough, Majority Leader
Sen. Gail Griffin, Majority Whip

Committee chairs (as with the House, all Rs):

Appropriations                                                      Sen. Don Shooter
Health & Human Services                                    Sen. Nancy Barto
Natural Resources                                                 Sen. Steve Pierce
Energy                                                                   Sen. Gail Griffin
Education                                                              Sen. Kelli Ward
Commerce & Workforce Development                Sen. Kimberly Yee
Judiciary                                                                Sen. Adam Driggs
Transportation                                                       Sen. Bob Worsley
Federalism, Mandates & Fiscal Responsibility    Sen. Judy Burges
Financial Institutions                                            Sen. David Farnsworth
Government                                                          Sen.-elect John Kavanagh
Finance                                                                 Sen.-elect Debbie Lesko
Public Safety, Military & Technology                 Sen.-elect Steve Smith
State Debt & Budget Reform                               Sen.-elect Jeff Dial
Rural Affairs & Environment                              Sen.-elect Sylvia Allen

One brief commentary:  Is it just me, or did they go out of the way to give nearly R with a pulse a committee this time around?

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