Sunday, April 06, 2014

2014 March Badness AZ Edition: Second Round

And then there were eight...

Even though the calendar has turned to April, the AZ edition of the March Badness tourney continues.

We've reached the part of the tourney were there are not going to be any real "upsets" as anyone who is left has the "Badness" credentials necessary to go all the way.  Some just need the right matchups.

The latest results:

1AJ Lafaro

8Ally Miller

4Michele Ugenti

5Andy Biggs

Bay at the Moon - Urban
3John Kavanagh

6Russell Pearce

2John Huppenthal

7Gilbert School Board

1Al Melvin

8Adam Kwasman

4Cathi Herrod

5Chester Crandell

Bay at the Moon - Rural
3Bob Thorpe

6Jim Brown

2Don Shooter

7Brenda Barton

1Andrew Thomas

8Jim Lane

4Carl Seel

5Judy Burges

Black Helicopter
3Kelly Townsend

6Ethan Orr

2Sal DiCiccio

7Andy Tobin

1Steve Yarbrough

8Jeff Dial

4Debbie Lesko

5Rick Murphy

Go Along To Get Along
3Kelli Ward

6Kimberly Yee

2Tom Horne

7Frank Antenori


Lafaro over Biggs - Biggs had innate meanness on his side, but that was no match for Lafaro's focused battiness.  The contest was close well into the 2nd half until Lafaro pulled away when he called Biggs "Judas Junior" for failing to block Medicaid restoration, with his dead body if necessary.

Huppenthal over Kavanagh - Kavanagh started off strong, raining bombs like the $900K gift to a private prison operator he put into this year's budget, but the seemingly teflon-skinned Huppenthal merely shrugged them off, cruising to a comfortable victory.

Melvin over Herrod - A close one, Herrod was close until Melvin defended his ties to a white supremacist.  For the first time in her many years as a "mover and shaker" in AZ politics, even Herrod was stunned into silence, giving Melvin an opening, on that he never relinquished.

Shooter over Brown - The heavy (and varied) experience advantage held by Shooter stood him in good stead as he simply overwhelmed the game upstart Brown.

Thomas over Burges - Both "danced with what brung 'em" to the big dance, and Thomas' "I may be disbarred, but I'm still a viable candidate for governor" beat Burges' cry of "Birther!".

DiCiccio over Townsend - DiCiccio just kept rolling along, using his smarm and sleaze to land body blows to Townsend's enthusiastic but rote nuttery.

Murphy over Yarbrough - Both are noted for proposing self-serving legislation, but Yarbrough's money bombs to himself (expanding school tuition tax credits) couldn't hold a candle to Murphy's attacks on CPS for that agency having the audacity to investigate sex abuse allegations lodged against him by foster children placed in his care.  Ultimately, no charges were filed, but Murphy has been lobbing warning shots CPS' way all session.

Horne over Yee - Horne may not have been disbarred (like Thomas, above), but his ethical "challenges" as Arizona's attorney general easily trumped the anti-medical marijuana and anti-choice epistles (aka - "legislation") proposed by Yee.  With his increasing age and shrinking likelihood of winning reelection, this may be Horne's last go-round, but if it is, he isn't going to fade away quietly.

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