Saturday, August 17, 2013

GOP plan for victory in 2016: Preach to the choir

From -
preach to the choir - to make one's case primarily to one's supporters; to make one's case only to those people who are present or who are already friendly to the issues.

From the Washington Post, written by Ed O'Keefe -
The Republican National Committee formally decided Friday not to partner with CNN and NBC News for any presidential primary debates during the 2016 election cycle, a rebuke of the networks’ plans to air programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton and an attempt to seize more control of a crucial element of modern-day campaigns.

From Politico, written by James Hohmann -
Speculation that conservative radio talking heads like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh could moderate debates has ensured positive coverage of the new push on their programs.

“Put together your own debates with your own moderators, whoever you want, and focus on real Republican issues in these debates rather than whether they’re going to do a Hillary Clinton miniseries or not,” Limbaugh said on his show last week. “In this current modern age, there’s no reason anymore to treat these mainstream media people as mainstream objective and nonaligned reporters.”

Without offering evidence, he speculated that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos coordinated with the Obama campaign to ask Romney about contraception during a primary debate so they could create “the war on women” narrative.

“Wherever you go outside of Fox, you are going up against the Democrat Party with people disguised as journalists,” said Limbaugh. “Why do it?”

I'd mock them for trying to limit their national exposure to just most fervent of their base, but I think it's a brilliant plan.

Of course, I'm a Democrat.  :)

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