Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doubling down: Bob Thorpe's seatmate, Rep. Brenda Barton, jumps on the social media bigotry bandwagon

I'd say that there must be something in the water in LD6, but it's Arizona - there just isn't much water there or anywhere else in the state.

After news broke that Rep. Bob Thorpe, her seatmate in Legislative District 6, posted some bigoted tweets, got called on it, and responded by deleting the tweets and blocking reporters from viewing his Twitter feed, Rep. Brenda Barton jumped into the fray.

Apparently, she doesn't feel she has been getting enough attention.  A Facebook post from her earlier today (Thursday, August 15) -

She has learned one lesson already though; she has already blocked her Twitter feed -

Note: Regarding the blacked out names of the people who commented on her FB post - the names that are blocked are names I don't recognize; so far as I know, they aren't public figures.  However, John Corey Wentling is a noted gun industry lobbyist.  He's a public figure.

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