Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2014 Committees Update

Edited on 5/3 to correct a couple of errors, one that is a spelling error, which is far less bad than the other one, an error of fact.

The first was a failure to to capitalize the "P" in "LaPlaca".  I followed the spelling of her Facebook candidate page, but it turns out that place is the only place that I can find where "LaPlaca" is spelled with a small "p".

As for the error of fact, commissioner Gary Pierce is termed out in 2014 and his seat will be open, regardless of whether or not he runs for governor.  The seat up for election is the one currently held by Brenda Burns, who has already announced that she will not seek reelection.  Both were elected in 2010.  One of the members who were elected in 2012 may yet choose to run for another office, but I've heard no rumors to that effect as yet, so as of this moment, there are only two ACC seats up for election in 2014.

Will Greene at Blog for Arizona has this already, but it's significant enough news that it merits coverage here.

...Nancy LaPlaca, an energy expert and a former staffer at the Arizona Corporation Commission, announced that she is exploring a 2014 run at a seat on the ACC.  There will be 2 seats on the ballot next year.

She will make a great candidate and even better commissioner. She will need, and merit, everybody's support next year.

...State Rep. Tom Forese (R-Chandler) has filed paperwork for exploring a run at the ACC.

...State Rep. Frank Pratt (R-Casa Grande): Ditto.

These two: not so much.

Thanks go out to Steve Muratore, friend and fellow blogger at Arizona Eagletarian for spotting the errors.

Apologies go out to all readers, because while a minor typo may (and probably should) be forgivable, the error of fact is not.  While this, and many other blogs, exists as a place to vent, the purpose here is to vent by informing readers.  It does no good to "inform" with incorrect facts.  The error was inadvertent but no less damaging for that.  Thank you for your patience and continued readership.

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Steve Muratore said...

Go Nancy LaPlaca! She has my support, my $5 clean elections qualifying contribution (when the time comes) and my vote!