Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sen. Don Shooter interrupts a class to confront a teacher

State Sen. Don Shooter (R-Yuma), who famously displayed his "charm" in 2011 when he showed up at a special session of the legislature in a costume of a serape, sombrero, and gun holster with a bottle of tequila.

Now, he has loosed his charm closer to home, and the Yuma Police Department is investigating.

From the Arizona Capitol Times, written by Ben Giles -

Yuma Police have confirmed they are investigating a complaint that state Sen. Don Shooter went into a Yuma charter school and confronted a teacher.
Sgt. Leanne Worthen, a public affairs officer for the Yuma Police Department, told the Arizona Capitol Times that police were called at approximately 3 p.m. Friday with a report that a man had entered the EOC Charter School in Yuma and verbally confronted a teacher at approximately 9:30 a.m.
Worthen confirmed that the man in question was Shooter, R-Yuma. No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed against the senator, and the investigation into the incident remains open, Worthen said.

According to the Cap Times' story, Shooter "got past" a school employee on door duty and interrupted a class to confront the teacher who was the target of his ire.

Even if charges are ultimately filed against Shooter (hardly a sure thing), based on the Cap Times' report, any charges will be low-level ones, and legislators still have immunity from arrest on misdemeanor charges during the legislative session.  Even after being thoroughly criticized over the matter when former state senator Scott Bundgaard invoked that immunity to avoid arrest after his infamous 2011 domestic violence "incident".

...Wonder if all of this will impact Shooter's votes on the various legislative proposals to turn schools into armed encampments? 

More to come...maybe. 

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