Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are the 2014 elections over yet? Campaign committee update...

Nah.  It's just started.

Even though the calendar hasn't changed even to 2013 yet, some intrepid souls have already formed candidate or exploratory committees for 2014.

First, however, one last note from the 2012 elections.

In the race to serve out two years of a term as the Arrowhead Justice of the Peace (Maricopa County), Craig Wismer, a former staffer for the soon-to-be retired US Sen. Jon Kyl, emerged victorious from the field of nine write-in candidates.  They all had to run as write-ins because the previous occupant of the office had been removed from office after the deadline for candidates to be on the ballot.  Assuming that he wants a full term in the office, Wismer will have to run again in 2014.

On to the main thrust of this post. :)

Already forming committees are:

Democrat Christopher Campas of Sierra Vista for Secretary of State.  An active Democrat and member of the state party's executive board, but to the best of my knowledge has never held elected office.

Independent Diana Elizabeth Ramseys-Rasmussen-Kennedy of Phoenix for Governor.  Just speculating here, but given the committee's current campaign finance report is a week late, and counting, and the committee's email address is, this probably isn't a serious candidacy.

Republican Jack Harper, currently a state representative, has an open committee for a run at secretary of state, but he has announced that he will not pursue elected office in 2014.  Things could still change, but at this point, he looks like he is putting his political career on the back burner for a while.

Democrat Sharon Thomas of Phoenix for superintendent of public instruction.  As with Campas above, an active D, including time on the state party executive board, and no elected office experience (again, to the best of my knowledge).

Republican John Huppenthal, currently the state superintendent of public instruction, has an open exploratory committee, no office specified.  Could be for a re-election run, but given that the top two offices on the ballot (Governor and Secretary of State) will be "open", he could set his sights higher.

Republican Michelle Reagan, currently a state senator, has an open exploratory committee, no office specified.  This is a normal practice for her as it allows her to fund raise for her next legislative campaign, but this could be the cycle where she goes for a statewide office.

James Samuelson of Mesa, no party specified, has an open exploratory for a run at governor.  Don't know anything about his, and his name makes for lousy search terms.

A few of the other names sure to be mentioned for 2014, even if they don't have open committees as yet:

Democrats Fred Duval and Chad Campbell are likely to run for governor.  The knowledge of their interest in the job has moved beyond "rumored", thru "worst-kept secret in AZ politics" to "OK, where do we sign?" (as in "sign a nominating petition").

Democrat Felecia Rotellini seems likely to run for attorney general.  She was the Democratic nominee for AG in 2010 and was an impressive candidate.  She was swamped in the Republican wave that year, but given that her opponent that year, eventual victor Tom Horne, may be indicted before the end of his term, she may find the way a little smoother in 2014.

Democrat Rodney Glassman, the 2010 D nominee for US Senate, hasn't announced any specific intentions (at least, not that I've heard), but he just sent out a mailer that announced the birth of his new baby daughter, advised people that he and his wife will be publishing a children's book, that his wife was recently elected to a school board here in Maricopa County (Madison Elementary), and that, oh yeah, he's still serving in the reserves.  The upshot is that either he has so many friends that he qualifies for bulk rate postage when mailing out season's greetings, or he's a politician looking to keep his name in front of people. 

You don't have to be a cynic like me to figure that he's looking at another run for office.  But cynicism helps. :)

I'm sure that there will be more to come...

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I look forward to the day when someone asks Felecia Rotellini if she believes that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act should be implemented or ignored?