Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ballot counting updates: Saturday, November 10

I could not find anything that specifically listed the number of ballots counted today, but since some of the races have changed, obviously, they've been doing some counting.

...In the race for US Senate, R Jeff Flake's lead over D Rich Carmona has grown to a little over 76K vote.  The tiniest spark of hope that existed that this race would turn around is fading.

...In CD1, D Ann Kirkpatrick's lead over R Jonathan Paton now stands at 6246 votes, which is down 18 votes from yesterday.  Still seems like she is going to hang on here.

...In CD2, D Ron Barber's lead over R Martha McSally stands at 289 votes.  As with yesterday's report, this one is still far too close to call.

...In CD9, D Kyrsten Sinema's lead over R Vernon Parker stands at 4710 votes, an increase of 642 votes.  The trend and the margin still favor Sinema here; it isn't over, but this contest is on the clock.

...In LD28, D Eric Meyer has opened up a 907-vote lead over R Amanda Reeve for the 2nd House seat in the district, an increase of 224 votes.  This race isn't over, but the trend favors Meyer.

- All state-level results can be found here.

...In the race for CAWCD (the board of directors of the Central Arizona Project), the race for the fifth and final seat that is up for election has flipped, with Heather Macre opening up a 977 vote lead over Jean McGrath.  Yesterday, McGrath was ahead by 94 votes.

...In the race for Maricopa County Sheriff, R Joe Arpaio's lead over D Paul Penzone has closed to a still-daunting 84025.  That's a decrease of 1645 votes, but the pace of change isn't nearly fast enough right now to flip the race.

- All Maricopa County-level results can be found here.

If there are any changes tomorrow, I'll update...

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