Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AZ Ballot counting update

Full Congressional and state-level race results can be found here, from the Arizona Secretary of State.

In CD2, D Ron Barber has opened up a 943 vote lead over R Martha McSally.  It's not enough to declare Barber the winner, but this is his largest lead thus far.

In CD9, D Kyrsten Sinema has been declared the winner over R Vernon Parker; the margin there is currently Sinema ahead by 7146 votes.

In the race for the 2nd seat from LD28, D Eric Meyer has opened up a lead of 1523 votes over R Amanda Reeve.  This one isn't *quite* over, but this late in the post-election counting cycle, that's a pretty big margin for someone to overcome, particularly in a relatively small area like a legislative district.

The race for US Senate between D Richard Carmona and R Jeff Flake has reached the point where there isn't even a spark of hope left - Carmona is still behind by more than 81K votes.

Full Maricopa County-level results can be found here, and a summary of Wednesday's ballot counting activity in Maricopa County can be found here, both from the Maricopa County Recorder.

In Maricopa County, there are approximately 27K early ballots and 114K provisional ballots remaining to be counted.

All but one race looks to be effectively over - D Paul Penzone trails R Joe Arpaio in the Maricopa County Sheriff by almost 87K votes and Heather Macre leads Jean McGrath for the fifth and final open spot on the board of directors of the Central Arizona Project by more than 3500 votes.

The one race that doesn't look to be decided is the race to serve out the remainder of the term in the office of Arrowhead Justice of the Peace.  Those are all write ballots because the former JP there, Phillip Woolbright, was removed from office after the deadline for candidates to submit nominating petitions.

The official canvass of results is supposed to be reported on Monday, November 26, but unofficial reports (means "stuff people have told me, people who aren't on the Recorder's staff, but are informed about developments in this area") that we may not find out the winner in the race until December.

I have some confidence that we may know the winner here by the 26th, but we'll see.


Lorena Digital Designs said...

Sadly, had the libertarian vote gone to Carmona, he would have won.

Bob Unferth said...

While that's technically correct, LBTs would probably break for Flake; generally they are pretty flaky.

There is consolation in that Flake did not get 50% of the vote.