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2012 Legislative far

Here is a list of people with 2012 legislative campaign committees.  It won't be a comprehensive list as candidates can still get into a race or may run under an older but still active committee (Russell Pearce is running in 2012 under his committee from the 2008 cycle - 200810079).  In addition, the list may include names of people who formed a committee and then decided to run for another office or have simply withdrawn for other reasons.  When I have information regarding that area, or other pertinent information, I'll note it.

Lastly, instead of noting the number of the district that the candidates are running in, I'm going to list the city of the filer's address.  The problem is that some of the committees were formed on the basis of the current legislative district maps, and some were formed on the basis of the new maps.

It will be less confusing to just list the cities.

Candidates (name, filer ID, party, city, office) (note: the candidate names were copied and pasted from the SOS' website.  If the names are in all caps, it's from the SOS, not me):

ABLESER, EDWARD Z, 201200039, Democratic, Tempe, House
Ackerley, John Christopher, 201200361, Republican, Sahuarita, House
ALLEN, JOHN, 201200335, Republican, Scottsdale, House
Allen, Sylvia Tenney, 201200086, Republican, Snowflake, Senate
Alston, Lela, 201200019, Democratic, Phoenix, House
ARREDONDO, GEORGE SR, 201200313, Democratic, Coolidge, House
Baldenegro, Sal, 201200364, Democratic, Tucson, House
Bankston, Michael Kane Sr, 201200307, Democratic, Phoenix, House - I've been informed he is out
Baptiste-Cerra, Damian Matthew, 201200297, Democratic, Mesa, House
Barton, Brenda, 201200151, Republican, Payson, House
Bearup, James Michael, 201200136, Republican, Glendale, House
Benavides , George Henry Sr, 201200323, Republican, Glendale, House
BIGGS, ANDY, 201200009, Republican, Gilbert, Senate
BLENDU, ROBERT, 201200067, Republican, Litchfield Park, House
Bolding, Reginald Jr, 201200298, Democratic, Laveen, House
Boyer, Paul, 201200308, Republican, Phoenix, House
BRADLEY, DAVID, 201200161, Democratic, Tucson, House
BROOKS, WYATT, 201200221, Republican, Kingman, House
Bunch, Ed, 201200284, Republican, Scottsdale, House
Bundgaard, Scott, 201200250, Republican, Peoria, Senate - Resigned, probably not running
BURGES, JUDY, 201200027, Republican, Sun City West, Senate
BUSTAMANTE, ERNEST, 201200347, Democratic, Mammoth, House
CAJERO BEDFORD, OLIVIA, 201200159, Democratic, Tucson, Senate
Chabin, Tom, 201200301, Democratic, Flagstaff, Senate
Chesley, Larry, 201200382, Republican, Queen Creek, House
CHEUVRONT, KEN, 201200287, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
CLODFELTER, TODD A, 201200383. Republican, Tucson, Senate
COLEMAN, DANIEL, 201200412, Republican, Phoenix, House
Coleman, Douglas Kent, 201200288, Republican, Apache Junction, House
Coleman, Sarah, 201200407, Republican, Laveen, Senate - Sarah and Daniel Coleman have the same address
Contreras, Guadalupe Chavira Mr., 201200400, Democratic, Avondale, House
Contreras, Victor Jett, 201200309, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Court, Steve, 201200164, Republican, Mesa, House
CRANDELL, CHESTER J, 201200119, Republican, Heber, House
Dalessandro, Andrea, 201200304, Democratic, Green Valley, House
Davis, Ruth, 201200422, Democratic, Tucson, House
DeLozier, G David, 201200348, Republican, Phoenix, House
DIAL, JEFF, 201200012, Republican, Chandler, House
Dubreil, Jeanette, 201200340, Republican, Peoria, House
Durbin, Pamela, 201200397, Other, Lake Havasu, Senate
Fann, Karen Elizabeth Ms, 201200041, Republican, Prescott, House
FARNSWORTH, EDDIE, 201200247, Republican, Gilbert, House
FERNANDEZ, CHARLENE R Ms., 201200404, Democratic, Yuma, House
Fillmore, John, 201200271, Republican, Apache Junction, Senate
Finch, Stacy Lynn, 201200331, Republican, Eagar, House
FINE, BRENT, 201200357, Other, Chandler, House
Fisher, Darin, 201200418, Democratic, Phoenix, House
FLEMING, PATRICIA V, 201200131, Democratic, Sierra Vista, Senate
Flores, Tony Enrique, 201200439, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
Gabaldon, Rosanna, 201200336, Democratic, Green Valley, House
GALLARDO, STEVE, 201200008, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
GARCIA, MARIA De La Luz, 201200305, Democratic, Tucson, Senate Not sure, but this one may be for campaign finance filing purposes only.  She is the widow of late state Sen. Jorge Garcia and was appointed to serve out his term after he passed away in 2010.
Gates, Bill, 201200354, Democratic, Sun Lakes, Senate
GONZALES, SALLY ANN, 201200342, Democratic, Tucson, House
GOODALE, DORIS, 201200199, Republican, Kingman, House
GOWAN, DAVID, 201200129, Republican, Sierra Vista, House
Gray, L. Richard, 201200120, Republican, Sun City, House
Griffin, Gail, 201200166, Republican, Hereford, Senate
HAMWAY, MARY, 201200252, Republican, Paradise Valley, House
Hernandez, Lydia, 201200429, Democratic, Phoenix, House
HOBBS, KATIE, 201200026, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
Holt, Jo, 201200256, Democratic, Oro Valley, Senate
JACKSON, JACK JR, 201200434, Democratic, Window Rock, Senate
JORDAN, ALBERT, 201200394, Other, Tucson, House
JORGENSEN, DONALD, 201200365, Democratic, Tucson, Senate
Judd, Peggy Suzanne, 201200032, Republican, Willcox, House
KAVANAGH, JOHN, 201200102, Republican, Fountain Hills, House
Kibler, Terri, 201200337, Republican, Casa Grande, Senate
Kilgore, Bryan Sr., 201200132, Democratic, Avondale, House
Kwasman, Adam, 201200127, Republican, Tucson, House
Larkin, Jonathan, 201200310, Democratic, Glendale, House
Lathan, Karyn, 201200274, Democratic, Chandler, House
Leach, Robert, 201200172, Democratic, Sierra Vista, House
LeFevre, Angela, 201200431, Democratic, Sedona, House
LESKO, DEBBIE, 201200020, Republican, Glendale, House
LEWIS, JERRY, 201200269, Republican, Mesa, Senate
Livingston, David Alan, 201200401, Republican, Peoria, House
Lokare, Carol Jean Mrs, 201200265, Democratic, Peoria, House
Lovas, Phil, 201200283, Republican, Peoria, House
Lundstrom, Richard Jon, 201200391, Other, Tucson, Senate
Mach, Stefanie, 201200378, Democratic, Tucson, House
McDermott, Jean, 201200291, Democratic, Phoenix, House Not related to me; however, she is related to someone who is known within AZ political circles.  She is the mother of former state Senator Ken Cheuvront.
MCGUIRE, BARBARA, 201200355, Democratic, Kearny, Senate
McLain, Nancy, 201200141, Republican, Bullhead City, Senate
Mendez, Juan Jose, 201200435, Democratic, Tempe, House
MEZA, ROBERT, 201200004, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
Miranda, Catherine, 201200338, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Montijo, Christopher Dario, 201200330, Republican, Mesa, House
Morris, Scott, 201200282, Republican, Peoria, House
Murray, Tom, 201200040, Other, Mesa, House
Nerini, Tom, 201200339, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Norwood, Tonya, 201200324, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Novalsky, Judy, 201200294, Republican, Apache Junction, House
Orr, Ethan, 201200317, Republican, Tucson, House
Ortiz, Joe, 201200334, Republican, Casa Grande, Senate
Otondo, Lisa, 201200428, Democratic, Yuma, House
Pancrazi, Margaret Lynne Mrs., 201200185, Democratic, Yuma, Senate
Patrick, Brandon, 201200369, Democratic, Tucson, House
Patterson, Daniel, 201200253, Democratic, Tucson, House Because of his ethics issues and criticism related to those issues, Patterson has changed his registration to Independent and has suspended his campaign
Petersen, Jennifer, 201200389, Republican, Scottsdale, House
Petersen, Warren, 201200227, Republican, Gilbert, House
Pierce, Justin, 201200130, Republican, Mesa, House
PIERCE, STEPHEN M, 201200060, Republican, Scottsdale, Senate Actually, Steve Pierce is already a sitting senator, the president of the Senate in fact.  He is from Prescott, but his filer and committee address is a PO box in Scottsdale
PRATT, FRANK, 201200212, Republican, Casa Grande, House
Prior, Scott Michael, 201200286, Other, Apache Junction, Senate
QUELLAND, DOUG, 201200327, Phoenix, Other, Senate Yes, this is the same Doug Quelland who ran afoul of Clean Elections when he was a member of the House
Quezada, Martin J., 201200170, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Rawles, Tom, 201200311, Other, Carefree, Senate
REAGAN, MICHELE, 201200023, Republican, Scottsdale, Senate
ROBSON, BOB, 201200015, Republican, Chandler, House
Rosado, John A, 201200320, Republican, Phoenix, House
SALDATE, MACARIO IV, 201200293, Democratic, Tucson, House
SAMANIEGO, MARTIN, 201200326, Democratic, Phoenix, House
SCARMARDO, SALVATORE LUKE, 201200137, Republican, Lake Havasu, Senate
Schapira, David, 201200036, Democratic, Tempe, Senate Schapira may have an open committe for state senate, but he is running for Congress
SCHNITTGRUND, GEORGE, 201200229, Republican, Lake Havasu, House
Seel, Carl, 201200044, Republican, Phoenix, House
SHELLEY, ERIC, 201200406, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
Sherwood, Andrew, 201200405, Democratic, Mesa, House
SHOOTER, DON, 201200035, Republican, Yuma, Senate Shooter has indicated that he may move to a more R-friendly district in his quest to keep a seat in the Senate; he'll have residency issues with that, but I'll leave it to one of his opponents in the R primary to knock him off of the ballot
Shope, Thomas R Jr., 201200100, Republican, Coolidge, House
Sidhwa, Mohur Sarah, 201200241, Democratic, Tucson, House
Sierra, Lorenzo Jr., 201200162, Democratic, Avondale, House
SINEMA, KYRSTEN, 201200034, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate Sinema has resigned from the Senate and is running for Congress instead
SMITH, DAVID, 201200218, Republican, Scottsdale, House
Smith, Steve, 201200090, Republican, Republican, Maricopa, House
Snitz, Michael, 201200158, Democratic, Phoenix, House
Steele, Victoria, 201200238, Democratic, Tucson, House
STEVENS, DAVID, 201200013, Republican, Sierra Vista, House
Stonebraker, Mark Holub, 201200188, Democratic, Sierra Vista, House
Swarthout, JEANNE, 201200384, Democratic, Taylor, House
Teran, Raquel A., 201200413, Democratic, Phoenix, Senate
TOBIN, ANDREW Michael, 201200011, Republican, Prescott, House
Tovar, Anna M, 201200010, Democratic, Tolleson, Senate
Townsend, Kelly J, 201200292, Republican, Mesa, House
Ugenti, Michelle B, 201200029, Republican, Scottsdale, House
ULIS, ERIC JOHN, 201200306, Republican, Scottsdale, House
VERDUGO, EMILY, 201200374, Democratic, Coolidge, House
Vogt, Ted, 201200016, Republican, Tucson, House
WARD, KELLI, 201200195, Republican, Lake Havasu, Senate
Weisser, Beth L, 201200356, Democratic, Golden Valley, Senate
WHEELER, BRUCE, 201200426, Democratic, Tucson, House
Winters, Justin, 201200375, Other, San Tan Valley, House
Worsley, Robert, 201200424, Republican, Mesa, Senate
Yarbrough, Steven B, 201200295, Republican, Chandler, Senate
Yee, Kimberly, 201200214, Republican, Phoenix, Senate
Youn, Edward Jason, 201200385, Republican, Mesa, House

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