Monday, February 20, 2012

Breaking: Budget bills to go before AZ lege at 8 a.m. Tuesday

With no notice, the Rs running the Arizona lege have scheduled the state's budget for committee hearings Tuesday morning at 8 a.m.

Senate Appropriations agenda is here.  House Appropriations agenda is here.

Between this and last week's ejection of a 12 News reporter from the House floor by a Republican functionary who cited an unannounced security policy, it's obvious that the Rs haven't learned the lesson from the recall election loss of former senate president Russell Pearce -

High-handed and arrogant behavior by elected officials is the surest way to tick off the voters...

Updates as I read the bills...


I'm going to link to the Senate bills, but there are matching House bills that will go before House Appropriations.

SB1523 - General Appropriations

SB1524 - Capital Outlay

SB1525 - State Budget Procedures

SB1526 - Revenue; Budget Reconciliation

SB1527 - Government; Budget Reconciliation

SB1528 - Health; Welfare; Budget Reconciliation

SB1529 - K-12 Education; Budget Reconciliation

SB1530 - Higher Education; Budget Reconciliation

SB1531 - Criminal Justice; Budget Reconciliation (this whole budget is ugly, but never let it be said that the Rs can't be petty and vindictive at the same time - this one elminates the State Capital Postconviction Public Defender Office.  Guess we'll need to change the state motto from "The Grand Canyon State" to "We Kill 'Em Quick")

SB1532 - Environment; Budget Reconciliation

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Leonard Clark said...

Thanks for posting this I am sharing this with my 4,800 friends on facebook as well as with our recall Brewer group !
Please help us recall this extremist governor Jan Brewer !
Leonard Clark chair of the committee to recall extremist governor Jan Brewer