Monday, January 09, 2012

Jack Harper wants a promotion

...He's leaving, but he's not leaving soon enough, and he's not going far enough, to benefit the state.

State Rep. Jack Harper (R-Surprise) today announced that he will not seek reelection in November.  He sent out an email to supporters stating his desire to run for Arizona Secretary of State and then, perhaps, be an ambassador to a foreign country.

Not exactly being one of his supporters, I wasn't included on the email distribution list. (Shocking, that.  :)) )

However, our Jack is a dedicated user of Twitter.  From his Twitter feed -

Zeroing in -

For once, I'll leave the wiseass comments to you the reader.  Mostly.

Realistically, Harper has almost no chance to get through a Republican primary, and for the second-highest elected office in the state, there surely will be one (he won't be challenging the current AZSOS, Ken Bennett.  Bennett is term-limited and will be running for governor in 2014.)

For an open seat that is a heartbeat away from the 9th floor, Republicans of all stripes will be going for that office (that means that the SOS is next in line for the governorship, and given that it has been a quarter-century since Arizona had a governor who both entered and exited office as the result of an election, most recent AZSOS' have ascended to the governor's office.  Which is on the ninth floor of the state capitol's Executive Tower.)

In fact, Harper has a better chance at becoming an ambassador.  So long as he doesn't get too picky about his assignment.

Currently, the US has only a "Virtual Presence Post" in Somalia, but for someone of Harper's caliber,
I'm sure that the State Department will find the money in their budget to put up a new facility in Somalia.

If one considers a lean-to against the back of a broken-down Winnebago to be a "facility."

Note:  I went with pics of the tweets in question instead of simply quoting them because if/when Harper's SOS campaign fails, those tweets could disappear.


Eli Blake said...
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Eli Blake said...

I think if they want to name him an ambassador they should name him ambassador to Monaco.

Yeah, he might drink too much wine and run up some big tabs at the card tables in Monte Carlo but it's a place where he couldn't do any real damage that would really harm the standing of the U.S. in the world.