Monday, January 23, 2012

The coming week...part two...

Yesterday, the Arizona House; tonight, the Senate and other stuff...

...Tuesday at 9 a.m., Veterans, Military, and Government Affairs will meet in SHR3.  Fairly quiet.

...Tuesday at 2 p.m., Banking and Finance will meet in SHR3.  Fairly quiet. (caveat:  There are bills on this short agenda that I don't understand, so they may be sneaky bad bills.)

...Tuesday at 2 p.m., Appropriations will meet in SHR109.  Presentations but no bills.

...Wednesday at 9 a.m., Public Safety and Human Services will meet in SHR3.  There are a few adoption/child custody-related measures that don't appear to be too bad (perhaps not coincidentally, two of the measures are sponsored/cosponsored by Democrats) and SB1114, slightly weakening Arizona's requirements for ignition interlock devices in the cars of DUI violators.

...Wednesday at 9 a.m., Government Reform will meet in SHR1.  Relatively quiet, though there are a few measures related to HOAs and to planned communities.

...Wednesday at 9 a.m., Commerce and Energy will meet in SHR109.  A few executive nominations, a few bills, and a presentation from Freeport McMoran.

...Wednesday at 2 p.m., Water, Land Use, and Rural Development will meet in SHR3.  Another quiet one.

...Wednesday at 2 p.m., Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform will meet in SHR1.  Executive nominations, a presentation, and a couple of bills.  Highlight:  SB1032, an anti-health care reform/anti-federal government "health care compact bill".

...Thursday at 9 a.m., Finance will meet in SHR1.  Looks relatively quiet.

...Thursday at 9 a.m., Border Security, Federalism, and States' Sovereignty will meet in SHR109.  As with last year, this committee looks like it will have the most ideologically pure, and purely batty, bills.  Nuggets up this week:  SB1081, giving county boards of supervisors the authority to declare a state of emergency in national forests and contract out logging of those forests; SCR1008, a concurrent resolution related to SB1081; SB1083, creating and funding the "Arizona Guard", a state-sanctions "border security" force (aka - an anti-brown people vigilante force).

The House and Senate floor calendars are here.

This week's Capitol events calendar is here; Arizona Capitol Times' Capitol Events calendar is here.


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