Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Light posting for the next few days...

Due to the fact that there aren't 48 hours in a day (meaning that I've had a busy schedule for the last few days and will be busy tomorrow night), posting will be light to nonexistent until Friday night or maybe even Saturday.  :((

Until then, here's a little light reading -

...The Republicans in AZ's Congressional delegation are looking to use the Grand Canyon, one of the country's national treasures (and Arizona's crown jewel) to help mining companies socialize costs and risks while privatizing profits and benefits by opening up the Grand Canyon area to uranium mining.  The Cronkite News Service has the story here.

...The New York Times published an editorial exposing the Republicans myth of "voter fraud."  Definitely worth a read.

...Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times lends some insight into the shenanigans of some of Russell Pearce's supporters/paid consultants here.

...In non-political news, Theo Epstein, GM of the Boston Red Sox, is taking a position with the Chicago Cubs.  He worked miracles in Boston (first World Series championship in 86 years!!!) but if he can right the ship at Wrigley, he should be named Secretary of the Treasury. 

It's getting to the point where only a miracle worker of the first class will be able to fix the mess that is the American economy.


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