Friday, October 14, 2011

Campaign committees update...

...and some sad news in the "he's not running" department..

First up, the sad news - Harry Mitchell, the long-time Tempe (and Arizona) icon announced that he will NOT seek election to Congress next year.

From his Facebook page -
"While having the confidence, energy and strong support for a successful campaign in a new Tempe-centered district, I’ve decided against pursuing it. While my life in public service has taught me that positive change – no matter how difficult – is possible, I’d rather spend my energy here at home than be steeped in the partisan infighting, gridlock and subsequent dysfunction that has overtaken Washington. I, like many others, simply do not have the patience for that anymore."
While the selfish part of me hopes that he reconsiders his decision, the part of me that is in awe of his more than four decades of public service (teacher, councilman, mayor, state senator, U.S. Congressman) only says -


I respect his decision, but fervently wish it was otherwise. 

There will be more (lots more!) written about this at a later time.  Right now, on to the rest of the post.

Note:  Where a legislative or Congressional district is specified, that number is likely to change once the redistricting process is complete.

In U.S. Congress campaign news, Tucson lawyer Christopher Scileppi has formed a committee to run for CD7 as a GOPer.

Seriously, where the FEC's form asks for partisan affiliation, he entered "GOP".

...Warren Petersen of Gilbert has formed a committee for a run at the Republican nomination for Arizona House of Representatives in LD22.  I think he's a real estate agent (his name doesn't make for the best search terms).
...Chris Schaffner of north Scottsdale has formed a committee for a run at Scottsdale City Council.  The forms on Scottsdale's election website aren't linkable, but he lists his occupation as "account manager" at Milliken.
...In Tempe, Derek Deutsch and Joseph Pospicil Jr. (exploratory) have formed $500 Threshold exemption committees for runs at Tempe City Council.  Deutsch ran as a Libertarian for the Kyrene Justice of the Peace job last year (he never made it on to the ballot).  Couldn't find out much about Pospicil, though I *think* he's a Libertarian, too, but I'm not absolutely sure about it.

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