Sunday, September 11, 2011

This certainly explains why Sen. Lori Klein isn't facing charges...

From the Arizona Republic's Political Insider on Sunday -
Gunning for the GOP . . . Sen. Lori Klein can add a new line to her resume. No, it's not gun-safety instructor, but party-fundraiser extraordinaire.

"Extraordinaire" as in it's not often you see a lawmaker getting paid to help raise money for herself and her political brethren.

But Klein, who runs a fundraising-consulting firm, said she is offering her services to the Arizona GOP at a discounted rate, which she wouldn't disclose.
For those with short memories, or who just don't follow such things, two months ago, Klein aimed a gun at a reporter in the members lounge of the state senate building.  Even though possession of a weapon in a public building is a misdemeanor and aiming it at someone is a whole lot more than a misdemeanor, she has yet to stand up in court to defend her actions.  It doesn't look like she will have to, either.

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