Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brewer and legislative Republicans kiss and make up: Arizonans still screwed

From the Arizona Republic, written by Ginger Rough -
Gov. Jan Brewer spent some time last week mending fences with some key Republican lawmakers, days after her hastily called special session on extending unemployment benefits ended abruptly with no action.

The Legislature's adjournment - and the governor's comments on the impasse - had prompted speculation that relations between her executive branch and legislative Republicans had turned sour.

On Thursday, Brewer and House Speaker Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, sat down for an hour to discuss the session and pledged to work on their respective communication styles.
Given that what we saw from West Washington when they got along - pension "reform" that devastates public employees, an official state gun instead of an official state jobs bill, corporate tax cuts that push more of the state's tax burden onto middle-class homeowners - could basically be summed up as "screwjobs by acts of commission", should anybody be surprised that what we saw from West Washington when they weren't getting along could be summarized as a "screwjob by act of omission"?

Either way, Arizonans, at least those who cannot abbreviate their last names "corp", "inc", or "LLC" are seriously underrepresented at the Capitol.

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