Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Arizona's Republican legislators: The very definition of "soulless"

Late last month and early this month, the Republicans in the Arizona legislature refused to call a special session to enact a minor change to Arizona's law that would have allowed Arizona's long-term unemployed to collect 20 additional weeks of unemployement benefits.

Even though such a thing wouldn't have cost Arizona a dime.

Now, however, certain legislators are now saying that they are willing to make the necessary change, one that won't cost Arizona anything.

However, they are demanding a quid pro quo - more massive tax cuts for corporations.

Even though such a thing would cost Arizona hundreds of millions of dollars.

Note:  Governor Jan Brewer has called a special session of the lege to address the unemployment benefits matter.  There is a business tax cut clause in her proclamation, but it's very specific, and I'm not sure yet how much it will cost us.

And in case anyone thinks this anti-Joe and Jane Average bias is something new, just harken back through the mists of time, all the way back through the eons to last August.

On Tuesday, August 3, a judge knocked an anti-union ballot measure from the legislature off of the ballot.

By Wednesday, August 4, the Republicans in the legislature were already putting together a "special session" at the behest of their bribers "campaign contributors" from big business.

Guess who would benefit from the tax cuts that the Rs want as a condition for allowing Arizona's long-term unemployed to get a little relief?

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