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Update: 2012 candidate committees

Edit on 5/2 to add another candidate who was brought to my attention in a comment at Blog for Arizona.  My apologies to Ms. Baldenegro.  No slight was intended...

Things are still slow on the candidate committee front, as it is still early, and many potential candidates seem to be waiting for redistricting to see exactly what district they will be running in.

However, a few noted candidates have announced or formed committees, as have a few less-noted candidates.  Where a specific district is listed, expect that to change after redistricting.

Note: Some of these have been covered in earlier posts but are included here for comparison's sake.  In addition, only new candidates for an office, or current office holders seeking a move to a different office are included.  Incumbents running for reelection aren't included in this list.

For U.S. Senate -

Right now, the "big dog"  in the race to replace the retiring Jon Kyl is Republican current CD6 Congressman Jeff Flake.  He raised over $1 million in just a few months.  Also in the race is Republican Bryan Hackbarth, a former mayor of Youngtown, AZ.  As of this writing, no Democrats have formed committees this race, though once Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' condition/intentions become clearer, that is expected to change.

For U.S. Congress -

Republican former speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives Kirk Adams announced his intention to run for Congress immediately after becoming a "former" state legislator this past week.  He doesn't have paperwork up on the FEC's website, but he did tweet about it -

No word if Adams' speeches and press releases will be written directly by Jon "not intended to be a factual statement" Kyl, or if Kyl's principles will just be the "guiding light" behind Adams' public statements.

Also running:

Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democratic former Congresswoman, looking for a rematch in CD1 with dentist and current occupant Paul Gosar.

Wenona Benally Baldenegro, an attorney and a 2010 graduate of EmergeArizona, is a candidate for CD1, also.

Russell Jenna, a Republican/tea party type, in CD3 (currently held by Republican Ben Quayle).

Chuck Gray, a Republican former state senator, in CD6 (currently held by Flake).

Matt Salmon, a Republican former Congressman and GOP state chair, in CD6.

Gabriela Saucedo-Mercer, Republican, CD7 (currently held by Democrat Raul Grijalva).

For legislature:

Thomas J. Shope, Jr., Republican, has opened an exploratory committee for LD23 House.  Because he is a "Jr." and I don't know Pinal County all that well, some of this may be for his father, but he seems to have been the press guy for Paul Babeu's campaign for Pinal County Sheriff in 2008 and seems to be the son of the mayor of Coolidge, AZ.  Shope Sr. is the committee chairman.

Bob Blendu, a Republican former state senator, has opened a committee for LD12 House.

Tom Murray, Republican, has opened a committee for LD12 House.  He ran as a Libertarian candidate for Estrella Mountain constable in 2010.  He didn't win.

For Tempe City Council -

Ann Heins, Republican

For City of Scottsdale -

Still quiet.  So far.

For City of Phoenix (2011 elections) -

In full swing, with petitions due in the month starting tomorrow.  Peggy Neely made her entry into the race for mayor official, and a number of candidates have jumped into the race to fill her seat in Phoenix' District 2.  The full list of candidates is here.

More on this election as candidate petitions are filed.


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