Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It's official: Susan Bitter Smith is a perennial candidate

From the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) -

The first Republican challenger to the Democrats’ “Solar Team” emerged Monday as Scottsdale Republican Susan Bitter Smith filed an exploratory committee for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Smith, former president of the Central Arizona Project board of directors, said she would bring years of water and energy management experience to the board.

I'll leave the discussion of the appropriateness of career industry lobbyist Bitter Smith gaining a seat on the ACC, the group that is supposed to oversee industry for another day.

However, at this point,Bitter Smith is looking more and more like a candidate in search of an office.

In addition to her time with the Central Arizona Project Board of Directors, she's...

...been a member of the Scottsdale City Council

...run for Congress in 2000, coming in third in a five-way Republican primary for the seat that was eventually won by Jeff Flake.

...run for Congress in 2008, coming in second to David Schweikert in a six-way Republican primary for the seat that Harry Mitchell held on to.

...run for Congress in 2010, coming in third behind Schweikert and Jim Ward in a six-way Republican primary for the seat that Schweikert went on to win.

Hmmm...it seems that *somebody* likes running for office.

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