Friday, May 13, 2011

David Schweikert has time for contributors but not for constituents

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If you are bored and looking for a really expensive drink and some lame conversation tomorrow after helping out the Recall Pearce effort.  :)

First, from Schweikert's House website -
Due to a scheduling conflict, the Listening Sessions with David Schweikert planned for May 16th and May 19th, 2011, have been postponed to a future date to be determined.
However, whatever the "scheduling conflict" may be, apparently it isn't important enough to get in the way of campaign fundraising.

From an announcement for an event on Saturday -

You are Invited to Attend the

Talking With Tempe Event

in support of

U. S. Congressman David Schweikert

House Financial Services Committee
& Vice Chair of the Capital Markets Subcommittee

Hosted by

Honorable Hugh Hallman

Honorable Onnie Shekerjian

Dennis Redmond & Dick Foreman

Saturday, May 14
4:00pm – 6:00pm

$100 Attend
$1,500 Co-Host

The Penthouse at Bridgeview Condominiums

140 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe AZ 85281

Host Committee:

Steve Chucri

Jose Esparza

Bettina Nava

Barry and Jody Aarons

Ann and Danny Seiden

The Honorable Laura Knaperek

Umm...yeah. Nice priorities there, Dave.

BTW - think it's a coincidence that Schweikert stressed his particular House committee membership in the notice? Check out the host committee for the event -

Chucri is a lobbyist.

Esparza is a lobbyist.

Nava is a lobbyist.

Aarons is a lobbyist.

Seiden is a lobbyist.

Knaperek is a lobbyist.


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